Television is a fickle industry. Some shows live on for years, while others die almost immediately. For every legendary, long running show like The Simpsons, there's plenty of others that come and go through pilot season and never seem to gain any traction. That's the way the TV landscape works, and we really do not expect it to change in any major way anytime soon.

However, there's another category of television show that almost never gets acknowledged: terrible shows that managed to live on beyond Season 1. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of horrible television shows that somehow managed to garner second seasons from their respective networks. Check out our list and let us know what you think in the comment section below! Now let's get the ball rolling with one of the most ill-conceived police procedurals of all time...

CSI: Cyber

After the CSI franchise took its typical procedural style to three different American cities, the producers decided to get a bit bolder. CSI: Cyber saw the crime scene investigation series follow a team in the FBI's Cyber Crime Division as they worked together to solve technology-based crimes. Despite a fairly relevant premise, and a strong cast (which consisted of Patricia Arquette, Ted Danson, and James Van Der Beek), CSI: Cyber failed to really do anything new or interesting with the overall CSI premise. The CBS series lasted for two seasons and ended in March 2016. In a world where Mr. Robot exists, CSI: Cyber simply couldn't cut it.

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