Lost took the world by storm when it debuted on ABC back in 2004, and the series was something of an unlikely hit. The show featured vague numbers and symbols, combined sci fi with mythology, and involved timeline shenanigans that were often difficult to keep track of. It was a complex series with a killer cast that knew how to pluck at our heartstrings even when it didn't make the most sense.

After six seasons of developing mythology, the series finale brought the very best and the very worst of the entire saga as it answered some of the biggest questions while leaving others completely unaddressed. Theories abound even six years after the finale, and some are more based in fact than others. So, take a look at our breakdown of the major questions that were and were not answered by the end.

What Was The Island Anyway?

The Island was discovered by the DHARMA Initiative via the Lamp Post station in Los Angeles. The Lamp Post used the Island's electromagnetic properties to track it as it moved through space and time. DHARMA researchers traveled to the island to study its scientific properties. Lost would eventually reveal that the electromagnetism is connected to the Heart of the Island, which had the potential to destroy the world if improperly handled.

According to Jacob, the island acted as a cork that held the destructive forces back from consuming the rest of the planet. As Desmond and Jack discovered in the finale, the cork wasn't entirely metaphorical. There was literally a cork in the Heart of the Island. The Island was nearly destroyed when Desmond removed the cork, but Jack managed to save the Island and restore the light by putting the cork back in. After Jack's death, Hurley became Protector of the Island with Ben as his #2 to keep the cork in and kept the destructive forces contained.

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