The survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 may have spent the better part of six seasons of ABC’s Lost stranded on the island from hell, but the actors who brought those characters to life have hardly been stuck and going nowhere since the series ended in 2010. Even those whose runs on the show ended before the series finale have been able to keep up their profile with prolific acting careers. Some have strayed away from the supernatural/sci fi genres while others have stuck around. Check out our list to see just what the cast of Lost has been up to since leaving the show.

Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox
After spending six seasons on the small screen as leading man Jack Shephard, Matthew Fox moved to the big screen. He had a starring role in the post-World War II film Emperor opposite Tommy Lee Jones, then took on a villainous role as a character called Picasso in Alex Cross. He had a relatively minor role in zombie thriller World War Z before moving back to the spotlight to join the ensemble of Bone Tomahawk and star in the post-apocalyptic Extinction in 2015.

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