Should Supergirl Ever Trust A Luthor? Here's What Melissa Benoist Says

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Supergirl kicked off Season 2 on The CW by revealing that notorious DC Comics villain Lex Luthor is in fact alive and evil in Kara's universe. Lex was defeated by Superman and is currently sitting in jail, which left his little sister Lena the tough job of rebranding the family company in National City. Lena seems to be one of the good guys, and she may prove that a Super can trust a Luthor without the world ending... or maybe not. Supergirl star Melissa Benoist had this to say about Kara and Lena:

I mean, should anyone ever trust a Luthor? That's going to be the looming question. Lena and Kara have such an awesome relationship -- I love the scenes with Katie McGrath, she is awesome and perfect in that part -- but I don't think Kara is ever going to be able to truly know if Lena is being honest, or if she shouldn't be suspicious of her.

Considering the legendary feud between Superman and Lex Luthor, it's hard to blame Kara for having some major suspicions about Lena. Melissa Benoist's thoughts on Kara and Lena's dynamic make a lot of sense based on what we've seen. Lena has admitted that she believes humans have the right to identify aliens living among them. Her company developed technology to expose aliens, even those who have been living normal lives and not posing any threat to humans. Kara almost lost her secret identity when Lena tried to test the tech on her. Lena seems to have good intentions, but that may not be enough for Kara to ever entirely trust her.

Besides, as unfair as it may be to hold Lex's crimes against Lena, Supergirl has made it clear that the Luthor line is pretty shady. Lex isn't the only member to have an active vendetta against aliens. Lillian Luthor appears to be the head honcho at Operation Cadmus, which has been working to try and get rid of all aliens on Earth. Even if Lena doesn't take after her brother or her mom, she may not have grown up with the best influences around her. Who knows? Maybe all she needs is a push in the wrong direction to become a villainess herself.

For the time being, Lena doesn't seem to be feeling any villainous urges, and Kara has enjoyed her company so far. In fact, Melissa Benoist went on in her chat with TVLine to say this about their relationship at this point in Season 2:

There is a true friendship there and a mutual respect.

Kara may really need a good friend in the not-too-distant future. Her BFFs James and Winn are currently keeping a huge secret from her. James' new vigilante identity as Guardian and Winn's role as his tech support is a plot that could do a lot of good for National City, but it could also blow up their relationships with Kara. Unless they get some advice from Oliver Queen during the crossover about what happens when secrets are kept from bespectacled blondes, we could be in for something ugly on the friendship front. Hopefully Lena can be a good friend to Kara, even if she can't 100% trust her.

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