One Of Supergirl's Biggest Characters Is About To Become A Superhero

Supergirl just made its grand CW debut after making the big move from CBS. The premiere made it perfectly clear that Season 2 will be taking Kara and Co. in some brand new directions in their next set of adventures in National City. In fact, one of the most pivotal characters of Season 1 will become a superhero to assist Kara in her fight to protect truth, justice, and the American way. James Olsen is set to pick up a shield and hit the streets as the DC Comics hero known as Guardian.

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The Season 2 premiere seems to have removed James from the role of Kara's love interest for the time being as she made the choice to focus on herself and her work as Supergirl rather than on a relationship. Becoming a vigilante instead of staying a non-fighting member of Team Supergirl will certainly make sure that he still has plenty to do if flirting with Kara is no longer an option. If focusing on himself means giving the vigilante life a try, good for him.

The Guardian of DC Comics lore was a cop named James Harper who became a vigilante so that he would have a way to take down bad guys that he was unable to punish as an officer of the law during the day. He had no superpowers to help him in his attempts to clean up the streets, but he did have a golden shield and helmet to protect him. He was helped in his work by a crew of boys who became known as the Newsboy Legion.

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Interestingly, Supergirl has actually already introduced a character named James Harper. Supergirl's Harper is a colonel who works as part of the evil Project Cadmus, so it wasn't especially likely that he would become Guardian unless the show turned Guardian into a villain. James Olsen could be a good fit for a Guardian who is one of the good guys.

That said, it sounds like James isn't going to get off to a very good start as Guardian. According to TVGuide, James won't be telling Kara about his decision to become a vigilante, and she won't be happy with him when she finds out. The former love interests will clash over what it takes to be considered a superhero in National City. Winn may end up as the man in the middle. He evidently won't have any issues with James as a vigilante. In fact, Winn will even hit the streets with his pal. Disaster and hilarity will undoubtedly ensue.

Hopefully Supergirl can deliver a solid origin story for James as Guardian without pulling focus away from Kara. It is her show, after all, and she's already sharing the spotlight with Superman himself. We'll have to wait and see. Tune in to The CW on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET to see what's next for Kara, James, and the other good guys on Supergirl Season 2.

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