The Touching Message Stephen Amell Wrote To Celebrate 100 Arrow Episodes

Arrow 100th episode

Well, we finally made it. 100 episodes of Arrow! The superhero TV show will be celebrating its personal television landmark tonight on the CW. The episode will be pulling double duty by celebrating Arrow's long history while also serving as the next part of the Invasion! crossover. Arrow gave birth to an all new era of superhero television and though the road has been bumpy, reaching 100 episodes is nothing short of impressive. Star Stephen Amell thinks so too and he took some time to share his sincere thanks to the cast, crew, and fans who helped make this happen.

I can't believe our 100th episode is airing tonight. Because of the network we're on, and the long shadows cast by The Vampire Diaries (RIP, Brady The Werewolf) and _Supernatura_l (RIP, Background Character I Eventually Play Who Is Brutally Murdered) people might be inclined to think that 100 episodes come along easily. They don't. You have to be incredibly fortunate. More importantly, you have to be surrounded by a singularly talented Crew and Cast. We are. We really, really are...The fans, from all over world, young and old... whether you discovered Green Arrow in the 1940's or you discovered the show somewhere between October 10, 2012 and tonight, thank you. This experience has fundamentally altered the lives of more people than you can possibly imagine.

Stephen Amell has always been vocal to his fans through social media, either simply sharing his thoughts on the show or teasing future things to come. The Arrow star didn't disappoint for his show's biggest moment yet and shared his thoughts and thanks on Facebook, in a much lengthier post that you should totally take a look at if you are a fan. Amell looked back on the past five years and expressed that shows like Vampire Diaries or Supernatural may make it look easy, but getting to 100 episodes is actually extremely difficult. It takes a hell of a lot of work, especially for a show as complex and involved as Arrow.

Amell also wanted to thank three people personally for taking time out of their schedules and coming back to reprise their characters for the 100th episode: Katie Cassidy, Jamey Sheridan, and Susanna Thompson, who played Laurel Lance, Robert Queen and Moira Queen, respectively. Each one of those characters died on the show and the special conditions of the 100th episode allowed them to come back one more time for the special occasion.

What are these special conditions that would allow for the dead to rise again? That answer is connected to the second part of Invasion!, the other big thing Arrow is responsible for tonight. (General spoilers.) The episode will find Oliver Queen waking up in a world where he never got on the Queen's Gambit, both of his parents are alive, and he's about to be married to Laurel. Oliver knows that something isn't quite right with all this, and fans who caught the end of The Flash last night can guess that the Dominators have a mighty big role to play.

It's beyond fitting that the plot of a crossover with three other shows (shows that would not exist if not for Arrow) is what allows Arrow to celebrate its milestone in such a way. How the creative teams managed to pull everything together almost sounds organic and Arrow fans have a real treat on their hands tonight. Make sure to tune in for the massive episode tonight when Arrow airs at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

Matt Wood

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