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The Walking Dead Season 7 Midseason Trailer Rallies With Optimism

Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't seen tonight's midseason finale for The Walking Dead. Get. On. That.

For tonight's extended mid-year finale, The Walking Dead delivered on all of its usual points, from sweet special effects to Jeffrey Dean Morgan's presence to Rick's group showing signs of life. And while the show could have easily let fans hang for weeks without a taste of what's still coming for the AMC drama, we were granted a trailer promoting how things will be set up when the show returns. Check it out!

That's everything I wanted to see, really. I mean, there could have been one or two super-disgusting walkers, but otherwise, I'm pumped. The biggest joy, of course, comes from seeing Rick getting the various communities together to talk strategies in how to take Negan down. It won't be an easy task, and it'll take all the survivors possible, so we're thankfully going to get to see Rick and Ezekiel bonding while the protagonists' armies come together. This will hopefully all go down similar to the source material's foundation for the impending All-Out War.

A lot of the trailer looks familiar, though not from this season, as we see the expanding Team Rick walking around with guns drawn. We see the Kingdom community in a standoff with Saviors. We see Rick driving, seemingly on the run or something along those lines. And I think we all whooped when Daryl was seen straight destroying somebody's face with his fists. One would have thought he'd have gotten all of his rage out on Fat Joseph, but that definitely wasn't the case. He had to eat dog food. DOG FOOD.

Tonight's finale took away yet another pair of Rick's group, as both Spencer and Olivia met their ends, with one being far more intestine-filled than the other. As well, Rick had to stand there and watch as Aaron got the shit beat out of him by the Saviors, partly because they were late, partly because there was a disparaging note written in the new supplies, and partly just because they like being violent asshats. At the very end (before the mystery stalker reappeared), many of the show's characters were reunited at Hilltop, and Rick was at last energized by something other than grief for a change. Our heroes are returning to heroism, and even Daryl is back.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC next year, sadly, but at least we now know a little of what we can expect to see when it gets here. Check out our midseason finale schedule to see what else will be hitting the small screen in the meantime.

Nick Venable

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