How The Original Charmed Ones Feel About The Reboot


Charmed fans who have been crossing their fingers for a return to the witchy universe got some great news this week with the news of a reboot. The CW series will take place in the 1970s, and it looks like the original leading ladies won't be doing any time-traveling to take part in the new adventures. Two of the actresses who played the Halliwell sisters have taken to social media to share their feelings in the wake of the reboot announcement. Holly Marie Combs was the first to hit the web with a reaction to the news, and she posted this message on Twitter:

Holly Marie Combs doesn't seem upset that Charmed is returning to the small screen with a whole new cast. It wasn't that long ago that Combs was talking about getting back together with her on-screen sisters for a TV reunion. If she's at all bitter that a reunion might not happen now that a reboot is in the works, she's not sharing it on Twitter. She and her fellow actresses have a lot of fans thanks to their time on Charmed, and some of those fans have been vocal on social media about not wanting any version of Charmed without the originals back on board. Maybe Holly Marie Combs' support of the reboot will help existing Charmed fans support the idea of a brand new version of the show with a brand new cast.

Alyssa Milano also shared a message for Charmed fans on social media, posting this on her Twitter page:

The tweet from Alyssa Milano did not directly address the reboot, so we can't say for sure exactly how she feels about Charmed 2.0. Still, she doesn't seem upset that she won't be part of the new show. Instead, she had a message of gratitude for the folks who clearly still love Charmed even years after it went off the air. While many of the responses to her message indicate that plenty of fans would rather that she and the other originals returned, perhaps her words will make it easier for them to accept and even welcome the reboot. If not...well, all eight seasons of Charmed are currently on Netflix for all the watching and re-watching a dedicated fan could possibly want.

The reboot will be set in 1976 and is currently being touted as a "reimagining," which likely means that we can expect some new twists on old Charmed plots. Jessica O'Toole, Amy Rardin, and Jennie Snyder Urman of Jane the Virgin are crafting the story for The CW. The project is still in the early stages of development, so it will be a while before we find out who will star in the new series.

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