One Fun Food Show Is Moving To Netflix

Streaming video platforms have become known as potential saviors for canceled shows over the years, and one platform has just picked up a program that probably didn't have a future on its original network. Phil Rosenthal's popular food and travel show aired in six parts in 2015 on PBS, but I'll Have What Phil's Having will be moving to Netflix for any future episodes. Rosenthal announced the move with a brief Twitter video, and it's pretty great. Take a look!

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There are many ways for a person to announce a career move, and I'd say that doing it via an awfully specific fortune cookie is one of the most fun. Phil Rosenthal's Twitter video is less than a minute long, and it gives just enough information to intrigue without delving into any details. The clip didn't even reveal whether the show would still be called I'll Have What Phil's Having or if it will get a name change along with the switch to streaming. I know that I got a laugh out of the #NetflixandPhil hashtag.

I'll Have What Phil's Having was a critical hit throughout its first and only season on PBS. Phil Rosenthal traveled everywhere from Tokyo to Paris to Hong Kong to sample delicacies from a wide variety of cultures and traditions. Some of the dishes he tried on the show were foods familiar to many viewers, while others - such as the eels that swim in rice paddies - were foods that many of us never even knew existed. Rosenthal was a charming host, and he brought in some of his famous pals like Ray Romano and Allison Janney to appear in episodes.

The problem was that I'll Have What Phil's Having just wasn't cost-effective for PBS. The public broadcast channel doesn't have a huge budget or the intention to spend billions on expanding its roster of originals, so the show was likely to either get the axe or have its episode order cut for any second season. Netflix has big plans for new shows, and it has the money to back them up. The next installment of Phil Rosenthal's food and travel show could be longer and feature better production values than the first.

Netflix announced in late 2016 that the goal for the new year was to bring 20 new unscripted series to its lineup, and it seems that the streaming service is getting a jump on things in 2017 with Phil Rosenthal's food and travel show. The ultimate goal for Netflix is to have 50% of its content to be comprised of originals. Given that subscriber satisfaction has remained consistent despite price hikes, and the recent Golden Globe wins for The Crown, we can bet that Netflix will continue moving forward on originals.

We can't say for sure when Phil Rosenthal's new show will be available. Take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule to see when your favorite new shows will hit the airwaves, and don't forget to check out our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule.

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