How Long Can You Last Through America's Funniest Home Videos' Epic Crotch Shot Supercut?

America's Funniest Home Videos has shown a lot of people getting (gently) hurt since the show started in 1990 and many of us have laughed through a large portion of it. But, when presented with a video featuring nothing but crotch shots, how long can you watch before it gets uncomfortable? Take a look.

Aw, holy hell. Man, where do I even start? There are a wide variety of hits in this epic crotch shots supercut, which was posted up on the America's Funniest Home Videos YouTube page in honor of the 600th episode of the show. What better way to celebrate than with a video filled with 600 instances of people getting their nethers smacked around to great comedic effect? I mean, sure, they could have put together a video featuring 600 shots of cats running into mirrors, but I think we all know that this is way funnier. That is, until it gets uncomfortable. And, if you have any soul at all, it gets uncomfortable pretty damn quick.

Look, we all know that everyone loves a good crotch shot when it happens to someone else; if they didn't, America's Funniest Home Videos would never have made it to 600 episodes. But, two or three clips like this is usually where things end. This video is 10 minutes and three seconds of nothing but men, boys, women and the occasional poor little girl getting it right in the groin, and it's not easy to watch the whole thing. Let's put it this way, I'm a lady person with no man parts, and this video got kind of hard to watch at about 45 seconds in.

This video offers up about every possible way someone could get bashed in the groin. Of course, we have your standard accidental punches, kicks and baseball bats to the crotch, but there are also a few instances where people sled groin first into a tree, several geese beak strikes, a few dogs and cats jumping on the tenderest of spots, a lot of people falling crotch first onto hard surfaces, an assault by a very strong jet of water and at least one kangaroo punch to the junk. If my experience watching the whole video is any indication (hey, I had to watch it for my job, people), you'll go from laughing to yelling "OOOH!" to stunned silence and disbelief at all the ways crotches can be wholly pummeled and terribly abused.

Well, if you managed to get through more than a couple of minutes of America's Funniest Home Videos crotch-killing supercut without starting to feel tender in your own personal area out of sympathy, then you are stronger than I am, my friend. You can catch the 600th episode this Sunday on ABC.

Adrienne Jones
Senior Content Creator

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