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Not only is the true crime subgenre hotter than Hades on television right now, but there apparently isn't much motivation for studios and networks to keep finding different crimes to tackle, and the same high-profile cases are getting similar projects across the dial. With one upcoming broadcast TV project already centering on the infamous murder case and trial of Erik and Lyle Menendez, who killed their parents in 1989, Lifetime has now joined the "fun" by greenlighting its own Original Movie about the brothers. And the surprising first cast member? Musician and actress Courtney Love.

At this point, Lifetime's TV movie about Erik and Lyle Menendez is going without a title, and Courtney Love was tapped to play the role of the family matriarch, Kitty Menendez. This scripted take on the heinous incident reportedly won't be holding Kitty or her entertainment exec hubby Jose in the most positive of lights. Not that Love hasn't played some disgraceful characters in her career already.

Lifetime's Menendez brothers flick will explore the horrific home life that Erik and Lyle reportedly experienced, which they used as their defense for later killing their parents, which basically summed up to a lifetime of sexual abuse from father Jose while mother Kitty looked on as if it wasn't happening. That said, THR reports that the narrative will apparently take place after the arrest, following the brothers' surprisingly luxurious post-murder life choices, so perhaps viewers will see the family's past through flashbacks during the multiple trials' disturbing testimonies.

courtney love

Perhaps it isn't so surprising that Courtney Love was brought into the fold for the untitled Menendez brothers movie. Back in November, she was cast for another new project on the network based on previously existing material, the psychological thriller A Midsummer Nightmare, which is tied to the classic William Shakespeare work being punned there. While Love used to be more known for features, she's focused more on TV roles in recent years on shows like Sons of Anarchy and Empire, and a double dose of Lifetime originals would be an interesting turn for her career.

As stated previously, Lifetime isn't the first to take on a primetime TV look at the Menendez brothers' case. (And I'm just talking about recently, without considering all the specials that have come out in the 28 years since the murders happened.) The higher-profile project is definitely NBC's Law & Order: True Crime - The Menendez Brothers, a spinoff of the insanely popular TV drama created by prolific producer Dick Wolf. That project has been slow in coming together though, so it's hard to blame Lifetime for trying to get the jump on things.

Casting is currently underway for Erik and Lyle Menendez, and production on the TV movie is scheduled to begin in Vancouver this month, so perhaps we can expect a summer or early fall debut for this new Lifetime movie. In the meantime, head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what you can get caught up with in the coming months.

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