Nathan Fillion Is Finally Heading Back To Fox For An Excellent Role

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Nathan Fillion has had a successful career on the small screen thanks to his eight seasons as the leading man of ABC's Castle, but he's had a harder time elsewhere on TV. In fact, prior to Castle, Fillion was best known for starring in the tragically short-lived series Firefly on Fox. Now, Fillion is giving Fox another shot with a new role that could be right in his wheelhouse. Nathan Fillion will appear in an upcoming episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will bring in Nathan Fillion for a role unlike any other on the show so far. Fillion will play a character named Mark Devereaux, and he just so happens to be an actor... who plays a detective on TV. When a crime goes down on the set of his Law & Order-esque TV show, Devereaux insists on trying to help Jake and Rosa solve the mystery. The detectives presumably won't be on board with the actor intruding on their investigation, but Devereaux believes that his ten years as lead actor of Serve & Protect make him qualified to assist. All things considered, Mark Devereaux could be a killer return to Fox for Nathan Fillion.

Of course, Nathan Fillion hasn't been altogether absent from Fox since the end of Firefly in 2002. He starred in the action drama Drive on Fox in 2007, but it was cancelled after only four episodes aired. Fillion also voiced characters on American Dad in 2012. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode will allow him to bring his comedy chops to Fox in a way that he hasn't before, and his episode has the potential to be a standout of the series.

Mark Devereaux won't be the only Serve & Protect employee causing trouble for the 99th Precinct in the episode, according to EW. The show's executive producer will show up as well, and his influence will distract Jake from some of his duties as a cop. The glamor of showbiz may be too much for Jake, and we can be sure of some zany shenanigans throughout the episode as Jake spends time behind-the-scenes at Serve & Protect. Greg Germann of Once Upon a Time and Ally McBeal fame will play executive producer Gary Lurmax.

If this story sounds somewhat familiar, you may be one of the (unfortunately few) people who tuned in to the Fox sitcom Grinder, which sadly got the axe after a single season. Grinder featured Rob Lowe as a former actor who believed that he could practice law after spending years starring in a legal drama. The premise could conceivably work better for viewers as a one-off story on Brooklyn Nine-Nine than it did on a weekly basis with Grinder.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is currently on hiatus until April 11, so it'll be a while before we get to see Nathan Fillion as Mark Devereaux. Check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what you can watch in the meantime.

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