A Major Walking Dead Actor Is Heading To Norman Reedus' Ride

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Norman Reedus is best known on AMC for his role as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, and he's likely to stick around the zombie apocalypse for a while yet. Reedus actually also has a second show on AMC, and it's distinctly different from The Walking Dead. Ride with Norman Reedus puts the actor on a motorcycle and sends him and one of his pals on a journey across different regions of the country. Now, it seems that Season 2 of Ride will partner Reedus with a Walking Dead co-star for an episode. He had this to tease about Ride with Norman Reedus Season 2:

There may be a surprise guest. It could be why someone has a super awesome beard right now, so he looks like an awesome biker.

Taken on its own, Norman Reedus' comment about a mystery guest on Ride Season 2 isn't particularly helpful. In fact, it really only rules out women, children, and other people who can't grow super awesome beards. When we take into account where and why Reedus dropped the tease, however, it's easy to guess just who he's talking about. Reedus happened to drop the tease while looking right at his Walking Dead co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is known to Walking Dead fans as the nefarious Negan. ComicBook.com reports that the two were chatting at a panel on the 2017 Walker Stalker Cruise - because, yes, that's a thing - and they made it pretty clear that Morgan was set to hop on a bike for an episode of Ride.

Norman Reedus has said in the past that he'd love to host some of his Walking Dead co-stars on Ride, but the show shoots while The Walking Dead is on hiatus, and the other actors are usually too busy with other jobs to appear. Luckily, it sounds like viewers will get to see a mini Walking Dead reunion in the not-too-distant future. All things considered, Jeffrey Dean Morgan actually makes a lot of sense as somebody who would join Norman Reedus for a jaunt across the country. He's a motorcycle enthusiast who actually takes his dogs on rides with him, and he already had a little bit of an adventure when he went for a ride with Norman Reedus.

The duo went out for coffee, where they were spotted by a Walking Dead fan. Given that Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character had recently beaten the stuffing out of Glenn and Abraham, he didn't get the most welcoming reception from the fan. In true Norman Reedus fashion, Reeuds tried to tell the bystander Morgan's address so that she could continue her complaining about his character in person. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus are already having motorcycle adventures when not filming The Walking Dead; we'll just get to see one of them.

Unfortunately, we can't say when we'll see Jeffrey Dean Morgan join Norman Reedus for an episode. No premiere date has yet been set for Ride with Norman Reedus Season 2. If it follows the Season 1 schedule, however, we can expect to see the series back on the air this summer. Check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what you can watch in the meantime.

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