When The 100 debuted on The CW back in 2014, it looked like it could have just been another show with twenty-somethings playing teenagers who get into all sorts of trouble without adult supervision. By the very first commercial break, however, viewers could tell that The 100 would be unlike anything else on The CW. It was grim and grisly and didn't shy away from putting good guys in situations that forced them to behave very, very badly for the sake of survival. Season 1 was a solid set of episodes, and Season 2 raised the stakes by introducing even more clans and complications.

Unfortunately, Season 3 went off the rails pretty early on, and many fans had a hard time staying invested in the show as it made less and less sense. The season ended on a promising cliffhanger, however, and the first batch of Season 4 episodes has already improved on everything that was rotten in Season 3. Clarke, Bellamy, and all the rest are facing their most impossible odds yet, but the show has never been better. Take a look at our breakdown of why The 100 has greatly improved in Season 4!

Radiation Kills Everybody

For the first time in the history of The 100, the big threat of the season is not a person or a group or even a war. In Season 4, the Sky People and Grounders alike are facing extinction due to the wave of radiation coming from all the century-old nuclear reactors that are melting down. Aside from Luna and any other Nightbloods that happen to be wandering around, all of the survivors are either going to die of radiation or be doomed to a bunker to try and eke out an existence on minimal resources. Obviously, radiation killing everybody isn't a good thing for the characters, but it has served as a grand unifying threat to forge unlikely alliances between some of the clans. Nobody will survive unless they work together, and this season has been more cohesive because of it.

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