Watch Mayim Bialik Put On Her Blossom Hat One More Time

Nowadays she might be recognized best as Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon's girlfriend on the Big Bang Theory, but Mayim Bialik used to be much better known for a different sitcom. Before she joined up with the nerds at CBS, Bialik starred on the hit 90's sitcom Blossom. Bialik played the title character of the same name and among many other things, Blossom was famous for her floppy blossom-adorned hat. It's pretty well known as far as TV hats go, and you can check out Bialik wearing it once again for a fun game show below.

mayim bialik wearing blossom hat

Mayim Bialik appeared on the hit YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning, where she played a game of "What's on my Head?" The object of the game is to, well, guess what's on your head. The contestant has no idea what's resting upon their cranium and has an unlimited number of guesses to figure out what it is. The more questions that are asked, the worse their score will be. It just so happened that the thing on Bialik's head was something she was intimately familiar with: a blossom hat! It's fun callback to arguably her first big role as the lead of Blossom, and Bialik wastes no time figuring out what she's wearing.

Mayim Bialik must be a killer at game night; she figured that out in 12 questions! Bialik quickly figured out that she was wearing a hat (it's kind of the first thing to ask) and from there, she was able to deduce everything she needed to know. Never mind that there're hundreds of different kinds of hats it could have been; she just picked the right questions and Amy Farrah Fowlered the crap out that game.

For those who may not understand the significance of the hat, Bialik starred as Blossom Russo on Blossom, a hit sitcom on NBC that ran from 1990 to 1995. The show was known for it's "very special episodes" tackling subjects like drugs, alcohol, and teen pregnancy. That's not to say that Blossom wasn't without some levity, from Blossom's quirky family and friends to the guest stars like Will Smith, Mr. T, and ALF to name a few. Blossom had quirks of her own and was famous for her colorful taste in hats, frequently seen in a floppy hat with a flower garnish as seen in the video. The hat became something of a fashion icon for a time, decorating the heads of young girls across America. For 90's kid's, seeing Bialik don the hat once again must bring up some memories.

You can check out the whole episode from Good Mythical Morning below.

She doesn't wear the blossom hat anymore, but you can still watch Mayim Bialik over on The Big Bang Theory, airing Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on CBS.

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