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There's good news tonight for fans of the Jennifer Lopez starring drama Shades of Blue. The hard-boiled cop show has been renewed for Season 3 on NBC.

The network announced today that the greenlight had officially been given to Shades of Blue for Season 3. The drama, which just began airing its second season on March 5, is besting its timeslot competition from ABC and CBS, by pulling in an average of 5 million viewers in Live + Same Day ratings and also wins the timeslot among the coveted 18-49 advertising age bracket. Additionally, ratings for the series premiere grew by 66% when accounting for Live +Three Day viewing numbers, giving it the largest Live +Three Day viewing lift of the night for the Big 4 networks.

Shades of Blue stars Jennifer Lopez as single mother and tough Brooklyn, New York police detective Harlee Santos, who just so happens to be a dirty cop. She runs with a crew led by her mentor, Lt. Wozniak (Ray Liotta), but when the FBI gets wise to the crew's dirty dealings, they turn Harlee into an informant for them. Most of the first season dealt with Harlee trying to satisfy the needs of her shifty FBI handler while trying to stay several steps ahead of Wozniak, who could sense that something was wrong in his crew. This season sees Harlee dealing with the fallout of that betrayal, while also hiding a major secret from her daughter and everyone else, lest they be able to hold that secret over her head in order to make her do their bidding. Season 2 also promises to add fuel to an already smoldering fire by having Harlee and Wozniak try to protect the crew as they get into a war with the mob.

The cop drama has received mostly mixed reviews from critics, but one thing that's widely praised by everyone is the performances of the cast. Lopez is at her Out of Sight best as a woman who, in her mind anyway, may have sacrificed some integrity but did so to secure her daughter's future. Harlee learned well from Wozniak, and is willing to cut corners and step outside the law whenever her personal needs or the needs of her crew call for it. Liotta, as can be expected, gives his raging all to Wozniak, and Warren Kole is mysteriously smarmy as the FBI handler who has a special attachment to Harlee.

Right now, there's no word on when Season 3 of Shades of Blue will premiere, or how many episodes will be included in the next season, but Season 1 and 2 of the series each debuted at midseason and had 13 episodes, so it's a good bet that the same will happen with Season 3. You can catch up with Shades of Blue when it airs Sundays at 10 EST/9 CST on NBC.

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