SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the Marvel Netflix series Iron Fist. If you have not yet finished watching the first season of the show, please bookmark this page and save it for later!

While Iron Fist has spent many years as a popular superhero in Marvel Comics, his step into the bigger pop culture world hasn't exactly gone well. The new series has not only gotten far worse reviews than any of Marvel's previous Netflix shows, but has also gotten a worse response than any Marvel Studios title released in the company's nine-year history. As a result, there are definitely some key problems that need to be solved... but these issues luckily come with fairly simple and straightforward solutions.

So what does Marvel Studios have to do to redeem Iron Fist and fix the problem that they have created for themselves? Below and beyond, we've outlined some particular strategies that we hope to see the company utilizing, both involving Danny Rand's role in the upcoming Defenders crossover show and everything after. Read on, and be sure to hit the comments section below with your own thoughts!

Make Iron Fist Actually Stand Out Among The Defenders

With Iron Fist being an underwhelming show all by itself, it definitely doesn't help that the rest of the Marvel Netflix franchise. Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage all got nearly perfect reviews coming out the gate, since that just tips the scales even harder when it comes to direct comparisons. The good news is that the perfect opportunity to level the playing field in this department is coming up in the form of The Defenders, and we can only hope that the creatives take advantage to give Danny/Iron Fist a more distinct platform.

Because The Defenders is already deep into production, we can only hope that the writers started working on the series acknowledging that Iron Fist isn't the brightest bulb in the Marvel Studios chandelier. Why? Because if there is a particular focus to make him look cool on the team-up show, then there's a chance that the character's pop culture status could be redeemed after a rocky start. It's kind of silly, but whether Danny is the one who comes up with the brilliant strategies, or winds up saving everyone with his impressive display of powers, Iron Fist has the chance to look much cooler if he is utilized properly among his superhero friends.

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