First Look At Jack's Son On Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Criminal Minds is currently in the spinoff game in a big way thanks to the successful (and kinda crazy) Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, which expanded on the classic format by simply taking the specialized team of FBI agents to investigate crimes outside of the United States. Gary Sinise stars as Senior Supervisory Special Agent/International Unit Chief Jack Garrett. Fans will soon get to see more of the Garrett family as an upcoming episode will introduce Jack's son Ryan in a pretty compromising position. Check out the first look at Ryan in a sticky situation on Beyond Borders:

criminal minds beyond borders ryan garrett jack garrett

Matt Cohen will make his debut as Ryan Garrett in the "La Huesuda" episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. Jack Garrett and the rest of the International Response Team will travel to Mexico to investigate the death of an American teenage girl in Tijuana. While there, Jack is surprised to come across his son, who he discovers has been working a very dangerous undercover job as part of the Mexican cartel. By the look of things, Jack will have no choice but to bring his son in if he's going to maintain his cover and not turn him into a target for the cartel.

CBS (opens in new tab) has released a second image of Ryan Garrett that indicates Jack won't be keeping his kid in cuffs for the entire episode. If the Response Team does make multiple cartel arrests, Ryan evidently won't be held in the same place as the others. He'll clearly be pulled aside by his dear old dad, who seems...well, less than pleased to discover his son immersed in the world of the Mexican cartel. Take a look:

criminal minds beyond borders ryan garrett jack garrett

Given that Jack wasn't exactly thrilled with Ryan's decision to enter the FBI academy in the first plcce, we can bet that he'll have some choice words for his son when they meet in these unexpected circumstances. I'm no FBI expert - fictional or otherwise - but I have to believe that there are safer federal gigs than infiltrating the Mexican cartel, and Ryan almost certainly doesn't have as much experience as Jack would like if he's going to be in such a precarious situation.

Of course, there's also the chance that father and son will totally hug it out and work together as soon as they stop glaring at each other in that second picture, but my money is on a lot of tension between them. We can see for ourselves when "La Huesuda" airs on Wednesday, April 12 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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