The Crazy Way Sleepy Hollow Ended Season 4

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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the Season 4 finale of Sleepy Hollow. Feel free to read one of our other awesome articles until you've caught up.

Well, Sleepyheads, Sleepy Hollow Season 4 has offered up a lot of twists and turns for our favorites from Team Witness, but now another crisis has finally come to a close. We got a pretty big shocker in the final moments of the season, when it was revealed that Crane had actually sold his soul to the devil in order to help the team beat Dreyfuss, Henry and the rest of the Horsemen. I know! You might be wondering how in the hell something like that could have even come close to happening, so, buckle up while we go through the series of events that led us to that wild ending.

When the episode starts, things are already looking pretty bad. Team Witness quickly realizes that Dreyfuss, Jobe, Henry and the Horsemen are at Camp David so that Dreyfuss can get his hands on the president. The Horsemen have been set loose, and even though the president is barricaded in her bunker with guards, Headless manages (of course) to get in and takes her whole team out with one swipe. Dreyfuss then comes in and takes the president hostage. Meanwhile, Crane notes that the only way to take out the Horsemen is to kill Dreyfuss, since they are connected to him now. So, now all they need is a way to kill the newly immortal Dreyfuss. Easy peasy, right?

While researching to find a way to kill that scraggly-haired bag of evil, Jenny finds a hidden tome which ends up leading the team to a secret cache of old-as-dirt magical weapons left behind by Benjamin Banneker that will help them fight the Horsemen. Elsewhere, Lara gets the idea to use the last of her spell crystals to call up Jobe to see if he will help them, thinking that he'd be interested in getting back at Dreyfuss himself since he's cheated on the deal he made with the devil by becoming immortal. It seems like an impossible long shot, and Jobe does a lot of yelling when he faces Crane, Diana and Lara. At the end of their meeting, he tells them to go to hell, which ends up being his way of helping them out, as they realize they need to literally go visit the devil in hell to try getting what they need.

Crane and Lara adjourn to his new apartment, where she's drawn a pentagram in a circle surrounded by candles on his floor. The two step inside and began an incantation from what I'm sure is a scary old book, and after a brief interruption from Crane's cable guy (yes, really) they're engulfed in flames and off to hell. We soon realize that each of them are experiencing very different things when they first arrive. Crane sees Valley Forge in mid-winter, with frozen dead bodies strewn across the encampment, and Lara is treated to the orphanage where she grew up after Diana died. Both locations, however, do feature a giant smoldering door marked with "abandon all hope ye who enter here," though, so, at least they're both headed to the right hell, I guess.

Inside, Lara and Crane find a massive, futuristic-looking white staircase that appears to go on forever (and probably does). They hear someone singing and look over to see a man in a glass elevator who looks an awful lot like Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, but, instead of eyeglasses, his defining feature is that half of his face is cracked and burning. Yay! It's the devil, y'all!

Now, this is, obviously, the spot where Crane got himself into a bit of trouble. The devil isn't known for helping people out of the goodness of his heart, so Crane ends up exchanging his soul for a piece of the Philosopher's Stone that helped turn Dreyfuss immortal. When Diana and Crane finally face Dreyfuss at Camp David, the Stone actually weakens him enough that Diana can shoot him and he doesn't heal. He turns to Jobe for help, but the demon has realized that the devil is collecting on his contract with Dreyfuss, so he grabs him and they disappear in a ball of flame. With Dreyfuss on his way to hell, the Horsemen have all disappeared, also.

So, the day is, once again, saved. But, you ask, what about Crane? Well, he's got a scary, glowing red brand of a pentagram on his arm to remind him of his deal with the devil, which he shows to Diana near the end of the hour. When she gets angry at him for making the deal, he reveals that he's convinced he can find a way to fix it, and Diana says, "We'll fix it together." Aw, she's all in, you guys.

The bad news now, Sleepyheads, is that Sleepy Hollow has not yet been renewed for Season 5. So, at this moment, we don't know if we'll get a chance to watch Team Witness try to keep Crane's soul from the devil next season or not. Well, if Sleepy Hollow doesn't come back, it's been a long, strange trip. That's for sure.

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