Check Out What Daria's Creator Thinks The Characters Would Look Like Today

One of the most iconic 90s animated characters was MTV's Daria. She originated as a recurring character on Beavis and Butt-Head, but she was given her own show in 1997, and a whole cast of quirky and hilarious cast was introduced around her. Daria recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, and in honor of the milestone, creator Susie Lewis has shared her vision of what the characters would look like nowadays. Check it out!

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Susie Lewis teamed up with Daria character designer Karen Disher to reveal to EW what the whole crew would look like 20 years after the series kicked off back in 1997. The leading lady herself doesn't actually look all that different. She still wears green, wears her hair down, and isn't exactly big on smiling. She's changed her glasses, though, and she's updated her hair for adulthood in NYC. Daria has grown up to become the one and only female writer on the writing team of a late-night talk show. She dabbles in the online dating scene, but she still found time to toilet-train her cat, who she named Godzilla.

Jane's hair preferences clearly didn't get any more conservative with age, and she hasn't given up any of her piercings. She also hasn't given up on her teenage dreams to become a professional artist. Married to an archaeologist and living in SoHo, she still gets together with Daria to hang out and not socialize with anybody else. Jane's big bro Trent hasn't entirely given up on his teenage ambitions either, although he did move on from his original band Mystik Spiral. His new band is Trent Lane and the Mystikal Explosion. While the band lives together in Queens, Trent tends bar to make ends meet.

Daria's little sister Quinn has gone in a very different direction. Quinn stayed in Lawndale, dropped her last name, and is currently known only as "Quinn." She's mom to three redheaded triplets, Timmy, Tommy, and Teddy. When not raising her kids and caring for her hair extensions, she works on her YouTube channel, which she has named "S'mores and Pores" and dedicated to dessert and skin care.

Brittany and Kevin stayed together, got married, and had five kids: three girls and two boys. Brittany divides her professional life between working the weather for the local news station and coaching cheerleading. Kevin is a stay at home dad who has become quite the expert in birthday parties... for kids. Finally, we have Daria's parents, Jake and Helen Morgendorffer. They've retired over the past 20 years and spend most of their time going on different cruises. When they do make it back to Lawndale, they hit the floor in their dance class.

Given that reunions and revivals are all the rage on TV nowadays, I now kind of need to see this whole crew get together on screen one more time. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest and greatest in TV news. Daria may be done, but there's still plenty of great options on the small screen. Check out our midseason TV premiere guide and our summer TV premiere schedule to figure out what to watch, and don't forget to stop by our rundown of the 2017 TV renewals and cancellations so far.

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