Spinoffs are a strange category in television, often only tweaking a small part of a winning formula to continue appealing to a core audience. From an exec standpoint, there is nothing wrong with an assembly line of CSI series hitting every U.S. metro area. But now that AMC’s Better Call Saul is out and has so far stood tall alongside Breaking Bad, we can probably expect a new flurry of spinoffs that take things in a more distinctly different direction than the flagship series. But what I’m really waiting for in that bunch is the rare spinoff that goes extremely left field and becomes its own thing entirely.

It’s the kind of approach that used to happen more often, sometimes aimed at the same people and sometimes shooting for new demographics. Here we have 12 shows that looked nothing like the series they were spawned from. Don’t expect to find location-changing procedural clones like Chicago PD and Chicago Planetarium or whatever, or sketch show segments that become their own series, because that’s just expansion of an established concept. What I’m saying is, there are more than 12 out there, but these are the ones I wrote about. So please don’t stand on my neck. Speaking of…

Spun Off Of: Beavis and Butthead

Lalalalala. Once just a smart girl who aggravated two of the most humorously aggravating teenagers on TV, Daria and her best friend Jane birthed a sub-generation of teenagers with this rare female-geared animated series not meant for tweens and younger. Daria’s hyperbolic cynicism was post-meh before meh was cool, and its depiction of suburban family and high school life still feels timely, 13 years after its five-season run was completed. I admittedly had a little Beavis in me as a kid – a -huh-huh huh – but now I just want to be a Morgendorffer for life.

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