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Netflix has amassed an impressive library of original series by this point, and some are more spectacular than others. One truly unique and distinct original available on Netflix is the sci-fi drama Sense8, which debuted back in June of 2015. Fans have been waiting ever since for a full batch of new episodes. Luckily for them, Season 2 isn't all that far off, and Netflix has officially released a trailer for everything we can expect from Sense8 this year. Check it out!

One of the most striking aspects of Sense8 from the very beginning was the beautiful cinematography and sets, and the trailer makes it perfectly clear that we'll get as much natural, urban, and human beauty out of the second season as we did the first. No matter what happens to the characters in the episodes, we can be sure that it will look lovely. I suppose Sense8 isn't one of the most expensive shows in TV history for nothing.

Of course, going by the action of the second half of the trailer, we can bet that everything won't look so lovely for the folks living the Sense8 life. There's such a combination of joyousness and violence in the preview that it takes at least a couple of rewatches to really absorb everything. The sensates clearly will have to be on guard at all times.

That said, the sensates aren't only going to be on the defensive in Season 2. Netflix has revealed that even as dark and sinister forces work to track down and capture the sensates, they'll work to discover more about the BPO that has been hunting them. With their teamwork, knowledge, and proactive steps, they may be able to stay one step ahead of the people who would do them harm.

We've known that a Season 2 would be coming since Netflix released an adorable birthday video back in August 2015 for the sensates to confirm that the series wasn't over yet. The video ended on what turned out to be a rather misleading card promising "Season 2 coming soon," as it would be more than a year before fans got to see any more Sense8. We're all still waiting for Season 2, but at least we got the two-hour "Happy F*cking New Year" special in December to tide us over.

All ten episodes of Sense8 Season 2 will become available on Netflix on Friday, May 5 at 12:01 a.m. PT. Check out our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule to discover all of your streaming options now and in the rest of the year. For all of your non-streaming TV options, drop by our midseason TV premiere guide and our summer TV premiere schedule. Don't forget to take a look at our 2017 rundown of the TV renewals and cancellations so far.

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