Former MTV Reality Star Clay Adler Allegedly Committed Suicide

Clay Adler MTV Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County

MTV viewers and fans of the former reality series Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County are in mourning following the tragic death of former star Clay Adler. The reality star's death is believed to be, and is widely being reported as, a suicide. While the reasoning behind Adler's death is not known, there are a few details that help us connect the dots.

What we do know about Clay Adler's death comes from TMZ. The outlet says Adler was on a shooting trip in the desert with friends on March 25th when he turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the head. Adler was taken to a hospital and died the following day on March 26th. Drugs and alcohol were not found in Adler's system but it was mentioned that the actor had struggled in the past with mental illness. Adler was 27 years old.

Clay Adler is most known for his stint on the short-lived MTV reality series Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County. The show, which was a successor to the widely popular Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, did not celebrate the same success as the first series and was canceled after Season 2. Those who watched the series will remember Adler as the on and off again boyfriend of Chrissy Schwartz and best friend to Grant Newman. Most of Clay's fame from the series came from his relationship with Chrissy and rumors surrounded the couple, following the show's conclusion, that they were engaged. The rumors turned out to be false and the two went their separate ways.

Following the end of Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County, Clay Adler pursued a brief career in acting. He landed a role in a pilot for CBS that featured Drake Bell and was cast in a minor role in the teen drama Make It Or Break It. Early in his Hollywood career, Adler made a friend in Jennifer Lawrence and the two have pictures together dating from 2007. While few celebrities have made mention of Adler's passing, former Newport Harbor cast member Allie Stockton shared her condolences to her lost friend on Instagram. In addition, Adler's friends back in Newport Harbor memorialized him with a surfing display on the beach. MTV issued a brief statement regarding Adler's death and passed on their condolences to his family.

It's always sad to hear when events like this happen and our hearts go out to the family and friends of Clay Adler. Should any more statements of support arise from former Newport Harbor cast members or MTV staff we'll be sure to keep you updated. Of course, you can look to CinemaBlend for all updates regarding television, starting with our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule to stay up to date on the returns or premieres of TV programs.

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