Fear Factor Is Getting Rebooted With All Kinds Of Big Changes

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TV nowadays is in an era in which even cancellation doesn't mean that a show is done for good. MTV has a reboot in the works that will bring one of the grossest shows in TV history back to the small screen for another go. The network is bringing back Fear Factor, but it won't be quite the same Fear Factor that old school fans remember. There will be some major changes with this reboot.

The new MTV version of Fear Factor will be hosted by none other than Ludacris, who is also on board as executive producer. The competitors will face a wide variety of stunts, including those based on popular scary movies, urban legends, and viral videos. The show will target "youth tension points" with specific challenges like "Roach-ella," "Trap Queen," and missions to rescue cell phones from heights of over one hundred feet. Basically, it's going to be the most MTV show in the history of MTV.

Competitors will be grouped together in four teams of two each. Teams will be comprised of a wide variety of folks, including siblings, college rivals, best friends, exes, roommates, and co-workers. Winners will take home $50,000 and the knowledge that they conquered all the frights and freak-outs that Fear Factor had to offer.

Fear Factor has been ordered for a first season of 12 episodes, running for one hour each. The first will debut on Tuesday, May 30 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. As somebody who watched her fair share of the original Fear Factor, I'm not sure if I'm excited or filled with dread at this new version. It should definitely be interesting to see how Ludacris fares as host.

The original Fear Factor (and the first NBC reboot) pitted contestants against three challengess, usually including a physical test, a mental test, and an action stunt, all designed to force competitors to face major fears in order to take home $50,000. Episodes could get pretty harrowing for viewers, and it was definitely hard to watch sometimes. Competitors would face everything from dangling from mind-boggling heights to being covered with bees to -- on one unaired occasion -- drinking cups of donkey semen. For a blast from the epically disgusting past, check out this clip of a young woman swimming half naked in squid:

Just... ew. I'm glad I'm out of the MTV target demographic, because I feel like I would be a bad fit for even what sounds like a much lighter version of Fear Factor. Tune in to MTV on May 30 at 10 p.m. ET to see the first batch of competitors try for $50,000. Check out our midseason TV premiere guide and our summer TV premiere schedule to discover all your non-gross viewing options, and don't forget to drop by our rundown of 2017 TV renewals and cancellations so far.

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