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While the process of binge watching TV shows has become common practice, there's a new variation that has been becoming increasingly popular: binge listening. With podcasts becoming an increasingly popular form of media, folks have taken to binge listening in order to catch up on popular podcasts that have already been released in full. This fad started largely due to 2014's viral podcast Serial, which told the story of a murder mystery from 1999. And perhaps the most popular podcast in recent memory is Missing Richard Simmons, which investigates the fitness guru's sudden departure from the public eye in 2014. Now it looks like Missing Richard Simmons may make its way to the small screen.

THR is reporting that Missing Richard Simmons could be adapted for TV in the near future. Topic, which is a new studio from First Look Media, is reportedly eyeing Missing Richard Simmons for TV series. But rather than an investigative documentary that will transfer the podcast into video format, they're making a bizarre change. The same report claims that a possible Missing Richard Simmons TV project would actually be scripted- a fictionalized version of Dan Taberski's attempt to find and contact Simmons.

Missing Richard Simmons was an absolutely captivating podcast about trying to find out exactly where and why Richard Simmons has been since 2014. The high energy fitness guru suddenly left his entire life behind, including the weekly classes he taught from his home studio. No friends have heard from Simmons, leading producer Dan Taberski to lead his own investigation, and then record it for the masses. Each episode saw new details become public, and Taberski eventually ended the podcast by letting Simmons retire (presumably safe in his home) in peace.

But a scripted TV series could very well change all of this. If it were to be picked up and produced, the story of Richard Simmons' withdrawal would reach even more people. But it also has the possibility of ruining what was so great about the podcast: how real it is. We'll no longer be privy to Dan Taberski's inner thoughts, or the candid footage from Richard's loved ones and friends. Additionally, this type of attention may just force Simmons into making his first public appearance in 2014, in order to show the world that he's actually ok.

In fact, THR is reporting that Richard Simmons' manager has hinted that the weight loss and life coach might actually emerge from his seclusion soon. He's presumably been getting even more attention after the success of Missing Richard Simmons, and may want to tell his side of the story. With allegations and rumors of abuse and even witchcraft surrounding his seclusion, Simmons will likely need to clear everything up in the near future.

We'll be sure to update you if Missing Richard Simmons finds its home on the small screen. In the meantime, be sure to check our summer premiere list and plan your next binge watching adventure accordingly.

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