Comcast Customer Rips Company After Child Finds F-Bomb On Cable Account


Comcast is one of the biggest names in cable and Internet service, but it's also a company notorious for poor customer service. Plenty of customers have revealed horror stories of their interactions with Comcast representatives, and now one more has spoken out about a mishap. Comcast customer Robert Corcoran recently had an unpleasant experience when his young son discovered an F-bomb on the family account, and he was definitely not happy.

Here's what happened. A Comcast technician dropped by the Corcoran household in order to install new cable boxes in the three rooms containing TVs, and all seemed to go well. Then, two weeks later, Robert Corcoran's 10-year-old son went onto the family's online Comcast account at his mother's behest to check on some Internet issues, and the boy discovered that his parents' bedroom was listed as the "F- Palace." The two other TVs listed on the account had the generic names "living room" and "media room," but "F- Palace was definitely out of the ordinary.

Robert Corcoran was understandably upset that his 10-year-old son had seen an F-bomb at all, let alone in an official account name for his parents' bedroom, and he has some harsh words for Comcast, saying this in a chat with The Philadelphia Inquirer:

It's deplorable that someone can come into my home and do that... Do you think it reasonable for Comcast to expose my child to that level of profanity in something as sacred and safe as my home? They violated my home environment.

The Corcorans originally believed that the "F- Palace" name had been given by the technician who installed the boxes, but it turns out that the mistake came at a higher level than the person who did the handiwork. One Comcast regional security investigator finally figured out that the "F- Palace" name was actually left over from the previous owners of the cable box that had been installed into Robert Corcoran's bedroom. The previous owners were an engaged couple who named their room the "F- Palace" as an inside joke. According to Comcast, the error came when the company did not properly wipe the box clean before installing it into a new home.

Comcast responded to Robert Corcoran's fury by offering him a $25 voucher and two months of free cable service, which... is something, I guess. It wasn't enough for Corcoran, who instead wants a face-to-face meeting with Comcast CEO Brian Roberts so that Roberts can apologize and explain what happened to his two kids. This meeting has not taken place.

Apparently, the "F- Palace" incident is only one of a number of similar mishaps. Other Comcast customers discovered offensive names like "A-hole," "Whore," and "Super B" on their bills. Something tells me none of these customers would argue with the Worst Company In America prize that Comcast has won a couple of times. Throw in the family repeatedly charged for porn flicks they didn't order, one man's claim that Comcast got him fired, and a woman's credit being ruined, and I'm not surprised that more and more horror stories about customer service are hitting the web.

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