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How The Mick's Big Finale Reveal Even Shocked One Of Its Stars

the mick family season finale
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Spoilers below for the Season 1 finale of Fox's The Mick.

In its first season, The Mick proved that network comedies can be just as hilariously off-color and ribald as anything on cable -- albeit with less overt nudity -- and this story of a hard-drinking fish out of water closed out with a flaming cliffhanger for the ages. But before that happened, the episode dropped a legitimately shocking twist when it was revealed that Chip isn't actually the son of fugitive Chris Pemberton. Star Thomas Barbusca spoke with CinemaBlend about The Mick's finale, and it turns out he found out about the twist when audiences did.

Yeah, that was a surprise for me, too, last night when I was watching. I mean, there's been some talk that there could be a possible plot twist, that [co-creators John and Dave Chermin] were telling me. Just joking around, though. And last night, they put it in last second. But I think it's really funny and it creates a really interesting new dynamic.

I think we can all agree that this is a beautiful and somewhat poetic instance of life imitating art from creators Dave and John Chermin. Even though they may have joked about the secret parentage with Thomas Barbusca, it was apparently in a way that didn't imply it would actually happen, so both the actor and the character were unaware of it for the entire season. That's the kind of long con that deserves a high five and whatever goodies Alba's got hiding in her purse.

The moment in question came when Laird McIntosh's Chris and Tricia O'Kelley's Poodle were attempting to make another grand escape, though this time to completely different destinations, and their argument apexed when Poodle dropped the info-bomb. And after talking to Thomas Barbusca, it becomes quite clear how both that moment, if not the entire scene, could have been tacked on without one of the stars' knowledge. If only the Chermin brothers, who were previously best known as writers and producers on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, had thought to get a webcam on Barbusca's face as he watched the finale, so that his reaction could punctuate their wise decision.

chip wearing gloves the mick

(Image credit: Photo courtesy of Fox)

Thankfully, there's no worrying about The Mick's potential return for Season 2, as its early ratings success secured its future quickly enough. And it's obviously going to be a trip when it kicks off, considering the Pemberton's mansion has possibly burned to the ground, with Mickey's million bucks in cash also going up in smoke. But not only will we get to maybe see the slapdash family move on to a new location, we will also likely get to see Chip go through some distinct personality changes. Here's what else Thomas Barbusca told me.

Chip was trying to model after his father, and now he realizes that that's not his father, so whatever they write is gonna be pretty hilarious.

Indeed it will be, and it will hopefully contain lots of awkward costumes and Chip's high-pitched screaming. Though we'll still have to wait a while for it to hit Fox again, and even longer for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to return, due in part to star Kaitlin Olson's scheduling. In the meantime, check out everything else hitting the small screen soon with our summer TV premiere schedule.

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