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If you're a fan of The Flash and you need to know what's ahead, this footage is a must watch. See Savitar and Barry battle, wage a war of words, and so much more in the trailer below:

Wow. There's just so much to hit on in this sizzle reel I had trouble deciding where to start. First off, we see a LOT of Savitar out of his suit, which seems very odd considering we've seen him suited up this entire time thus far. We learned last episode that Savitar's suit protects him in his advanced speed state, and that the team could potentially trap him within the energy that he emits off the suit. If Savitar caught wise to that plan, it completely makes sense that he would stop wearing the suit to evade capture. What doesn't make sense is that we still see him suited up and killing Iris, unless that, of course, is a flashback to the future timeline and not new footage.

What makes even less sense is a scene in which we see Savitar Barry getting consoled by what looks to be Iris. What the hell happens in these final episodes of Season 3 that gives Iris compassion for her future murderer? Better yet, what happened to Savitar Barry that he feels it necessary to destroy the woman whose death drove him to this point so he can become the God of Speed? Did Savitar create himself in trying to save Iris?

That's an interesting concept and sounds like the premise behind Savitar's statement "You kill me, you become me." We've already seen future Barry that loses Iris, but is it possible that Barry creates a future timeline in which he becomes Savitar by saving Iris from Savitar? That would certainly be a bizarre twist and a difficult situation to get out of. It's certainly a more difficult question for a fan of The Flash to tackle than how did Leonard Snart come back from the dead?

Once you breach that question the floodgates really start pumping. Why do we see present Barry diving into the Savitar suit? Did Barry hint that he was going to become Reverse Flash, and how would that affect the timeline? Was that forest shot a brief glimpse of Cisco and Caitlin's meta showdown where he loses his hands? Did we just see Barry and Snart breaking into ARGUS and escaping King Shark? Who is going to die at the end of the season 3?

The only thing I'm expecting is the unexpected as The Flash is all new May 9th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Be sure you keep an eye on our guide as we have the finale date for The Flash as well as others already marked down for your convenience. While parting is such sweet sorrow, take solace in knowing we're already tracking the premieres and returns of all the hot shows of the Summer and you can check them out right here.

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