Fox's X-Men Series Is Officially Happening, Check Out The Explosive First Footage

Superheroes are all the rage right now, on big and small screen alike. Fox got in the game with the decidedly DC Comics-based series Gotham; now, the network is moving into Marvel in a big way with an X-Men series. The project is called The Gifted, and it has officially been ordered to series at Fox. Teaser footage for the show has already been released, and it's an explosive first look at what could be TV's next hit superhero venture. Take a look!

Fox has had this X-Men series in the works for quite a while, to the surprise of many who had come to consider Fox more of a DC network. Still, it's no shock that the network is jumping at the opportunity to bring Marvel characters to the airwaves. Marvel is making and breaking records on the big screen with its superheroes, and it's building a small empire for itself on the small screen as well. The Gifted could draw significant audiences if done right, and the teaser shows promise.

Of course, if you're like me, the first few seconds of the teenagers messing around with a vending machine seemed like something that belonged more on a Freeform Marvel show than on Fox, but the action really picked up in the rest of the teaser. We got to see some superpowers put to more impressive use than stealing snacks out of vending machines, and the shot of the police cars trapping a group of people -- presumably mostly mutants -- proves that the world isn't a safe place for folks with powers. Although we only get 20 seconds or so of footage, I'm fairly pumped for what's to come.

The Gifted is slated to follow a family that is forced to go on the run when two ordinary parents discover that their kids have manifested mutant powers. Living in a society in which mutants are hunted and persecuted, the family must go underground if they want to stick together. There, they'll meet a network of mutants united in the common cause of surviving under a government that wants nothing more than to get rid of them. The family will meet all manner of mutants will all manner of powers, some of which undoubtedly lead to the explosions in the teaser.

Fox has not yet announced an exact premiere date for The Gifted, but the teaser footage indicates that it will makes it debut this fall. We'll likely learn much more about what the series will look like when the official full trailer hits the web on May 15. Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker star as parents Reed and Kate, with Blair Redford and Jamie Chung as key figures in the mutant underground.

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