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Zach Braff's New TV Show Is Definitely Happening

Zach Braff staring into space scrubs

ABC has been cleaning house, canceling more than just a few shows from its current line-up, while saving only a few. All that cutting has made room for some new projects to squeeze right through, and one of them looks to be a doozy of a reconnection for the network. Zach Braff, best known as the star of the hit sitcom Scrubs, is returning to TV with an all-new show set to air on ABC, putting the star back into television's forefront after he'd taken a break to get more into filmmaking.

ABC has officially placed a series order for the new comedy starring Zach Braf, who will also executive produce and perform some directorial duties. Formerly titled Start Up, the comedy series is based on the podcast of the same name from producer Alex Blumberg. The currently untitled show stars Braff as a brilliant radio journalist, husband, and father who unexpectedly quits his job to get his own company off the ground. Turns out, that'll be a lot harder than he expected. (Who'd have thought, right?) The single-camera comedy is written by Scrubs alum Matt Tarses, who will executive produce alongside John Davis and John Fox of Davis Entertainment (The Blacklist, Dr. Ken).

The comedy was apparently a hot ticket item all season long, the subject of a bidding war between multiple networks. ABC ultimately won that battle with big pilot commitment. Couple that with a recognizable star in Zach Braff, then this comedy is going to be one to look out for next season. Tiya Sircar, Hillary Anne Matthews, Michael Imperioli, Elisha Heig, Chris Sacca, Austin Pendleton, and Audyssie James fill out the rest of the cast. Though not confirmed, I wouldn't be surprised at all if one or two Scrubs stars show up as a guest star. (All we really need is Donald Faison though, amiright?)

Zach Braff first rose to prominence on the medical mostly-comedy Scrubs as Dr. John "J.D." Dorian, a goofy and easily distracted doctor of Sacred Heart Hospital. The show followed the exploits of the staff as they tried to balance their personal lives while dealing with a high-stress work environment, and it was a huge success before eventually petering out after Braff was no longer a regular on the show. Braff would go on to become a figure in the indie film scene for Garden State, a film he wrote, directed and starred in. He also directed the films Wish I Was Here and Going in Style, both of which were received with less acclaim.

The untitled comedy joins a list of new shows ABC will be airing next season. Other shows include The Good Doctor, The Mayor, The Gospel of Kevin, The Crossing, and For the People, which hails from Shondaland. We also can't forget about American Idol, which ABC has claimed for itself and will no doubt make a huge focus in the coming months.

There's bound to be plenty more updates on Zach Braff's comedy series, so stick with CinemaBlend for all TV related news. To learn more about what's been canceled and renewed on all networks, make sure to check out our comprehensive guide, and head to our summer TV guide to see what's premiering in the near future.

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