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We are living in the golden age of TV comedy, and the quality of small screen humor can easily be attributed to a select few trailblazers that paved the way for today's best shows. Arrested Development have become more important or influential since its debut. Netflix's relatively recent Season 4 revival of the iconic series ended with a fantastic cliffhanger, and fans have waited a grueling four years to learn whether or not the show would return at all. Wait no longer, fans, because Arrested Development Season 5 is definitely on the way.

A new announcement from Netflix confirms that Arrested Development will return for a fifth season in 2018. The show's eventual return has become bogged down by scheduling conflicts over the course of the last few years (as pretty much every member of the cast has moved on to other successful ventures), which has made it hard to get everyone back together. It's the same issues that led to Season 4 getting so chopped up. However, now that creator Mitch Hurwitz has managed to wrangle the entire ensemble, development of Season 5 can now properly continue in a most unarrested fashion.

Although it has been four years since Netflix last resurrected Arrested Development, we honestly had a feeling that this was coming. Season 4 of the series ended on a bizarre cliffhanger (which saw Buster on the run for the possible murder of Lucille 2), and the finale raised plenty of questions that demanded answers. To not pay off plot threads that were planted back in 2013 would be pretty absurd -- even by Arrested Development standards.

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Excited as we are to see Arrested Development come back for a fifth season, certain issues need to be addressed. Despite the iconography and endless repeatability that the series is known for (as well as the pure un-Bluthian love that fans have for it), it is worth remembering that Season 4 proved somewhat underwhelming when it finally debuted on Netflix. That season was Netflix's first real foray into the realm of original comedy programming, but with more experience in recent years, combined with a more all-together cast, our hope remains high that more recent endeavors like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (which finally returns on May 19) and BoJack Horseman have taught Netflix insiders some valuable lessons about how to bring comedy to its subscribers. If that's the case, then there will be plenty to get excited about here.

We will bring you more information concerning the future of Arrested Development Season 5 on Netflix. The new season of the beloved series will debut on the streaming platform in 2018. If you are on the lookout for information related to more imminent small screen debuts, make sure to take a look at our comprehensive summer TV premiere guide.

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