Supergirl's First Look At General Zod Is As Freaky As This Show Gets

The trailer for Supergirl's Season 2 finale is here, and we're getting our first official look at the big bad General Zod. As you can see, this Zod is about as weird as we've seen him and hands down the freakiest this show has ever gotten! Check out his brief, but still insane, appearance below, beginning at the :36-second mark:

There's that "Kneel" we've been waiting to hear for so long! As if Supergirl didn't have enough on her plate with that planned Rhea confrontation, not to mention super-cousin Superman under Rhea's control. She now has to deal with a silver-eyed and disarmingly dapper Zod? Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg did say they put their stamp on actor Mark Gibbon to make him appear different than the iconic foe portrayed by Michael Shannon and Terrence Stamp in their respective features, and he certainly looks spooky! Don't get this guy in a dark room with some of the weirdest White Martians.

In addition to the vaguely hypnotic eyes, Supergirl's Zod is also sporting that devilish looking Nazi uniform and brandishing a voice that booms like thunder. I'm wondering whether or not that's something he can flip on and off, or if he's always just going to speak like that. If it's the latter, that's certainly not someone you would tell secrets to.

It's been stated before that Zod's appearance in the finale will be brief, and it seems more than likely he's the teased villain that will be the primary baddie in Season 3 of Supergirl. With the fate of Earth seemingly up for a coin toss of a battle between Rhea and Supergirl, General Zod certainly picked a great time to crash the party. Especially when you consider Kara had to incapacitate Superman in some way if she managed to get past him for her throwdown with Rhea.

Clark better not be too banged up, as he can typically defeat Zod in a snap if need be. Let's hope this Superman is set to go all Man Of Steel, as I'm not sure Kara can take on someone as powerful as Zod at this stage in her life. As angry as he looks in the gif, I'm not sure anybody can take him right now. Especially not a drunk person.

General Zod Supergirl Gif

General Zod's destructive plans for the fate of Earth will be revealed as Supergirl will air its Season 2 finale on Monday, May 22nd, at 8 p.m. ET. It should be an exciting week of hero finales on The CW, so make sure you have our finale list bookmarked as well as some new shows to jump into. I wish we could just fast forward to Monday already so we can see all these exciting conclusions!

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