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The Defenders

This summer, the four main heroes of the Marvel Netflix shows will finally come together in The Defenders. To say that the group will have some initial rough patches is an understatement as these big personalities learn to work together as a unit for the first time. Hmmmm, superheroes who don't get along coming together to accomplish a task? Sounds an awful lot like another really successful movie: The Hangover! You wouldn't think to compare the two properties at first, but Luke Cage actor Mike Colter recently compared his new series with the R-rated comedy.

We're very reluctant at first. Nobody really wants to work with anyone. By the end of the show, I think it might be more like The Hangover. 'I don't ever want to see you again!'

In an interview with Empire, Mike Colter (Luke Cage) talked about how the team will initially get along. In true superhero fashion, it'll be a bumpy road before they start getting shawarma together. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist are all pretty different people from each other and those disparate personalities won't click at first. However, the four are in a situation where they have to work together (ninjas will do that), so they have to stick it out until the end. As Colter jokingly notes, this is very similar to the logline for The Hangover.

The Hangover was a 2009 R-rated comedy that starred Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and shot Zach Galifianakis to the mainstream. It followed three friends/acquaintances who black out at a bachelor party for their friend, Doug, in Las Vegas. When they awake the next morning, they can't remember anything that happened and they can't find Doug anywhere, forcing them to retrace the steps of their wild night. The movie is the fifth-highest grossing R-rated film in the United States, and it launched two sequels.

The Defenders likely won't find a tiger locked in their bathroom (though, that'd be cool), but the show is kind of like The Hangover on the surface level. In the new series, the four heroes end up crossing paths and working together in order to stop a plot by The Hand and Sigourney Weaver's mysterious villain. Not too much is known about the series other than that, so it's entirely possible that Iron Fist -- who is so the Zach Galifianakis of that group -- finds a baby he then names Oscar.

The Defenders will be hitting Netflix on August 18, 2017. To learn more about the show, here's everything we know so far. And don't forget about all the other new programming coming to Netflix in the coming months, which you can find right here at our Netflix release schedule.

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