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The Original Green Ranger Was Targeted For An Attack At Comic-Con

Green Ranger Power Rangers Jason David Frank

Details are coming out today after a very scary event nearly thwarted the fun had at the ongoing Phoenix Comicon. Police have arrested a man who allegedly entered the building with several weapons, targeting police officers and the original green ranger from Power Rangers, Jason David Frank. Here's what's being reported so far regarding this shocking event.

AZCentral (opens in new tab) tells us that police arrested 31-year-old Matthew Sterling at Phoenix Comicon and reportedly found an arsenal of weapons on him at the event. Police say Sterling had two 45-caliber handguns, a .454-caliber handgun, a 12-gauge shotgun, combat knife, throwing stars and pepper spray. Restrictions were put in place stating that prop items would be inspected, but Sterling allegedly told officers he was able to bypass many of those stations and head up to the second floor. Sterling allegedly informed officers that he was The Punisher, and that he had set out to kill police officers as well as former Power Rangers star Jason David Fran. Sterling is currently facing charges of attempted murder, three cases of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, wearing body armor at the time of a felony, and carrying a weapon in a restricted place.

Matthew Sterling reportedly told officers he had stabbed Jason David Frank, who was appearing all four days at Phoenix Comicon, fifteen years earlier and he had returned to "finish the job". No information can be found on the web supporting that claim, but it's worth noting that Maricopa County Deputy Attorney Ed Leiter described many of Sterling's stories to officers as "fantastical". Frank issued a statement to the public following the incident, asking them not to let the event affect their fun at Phoenix Comicon:

Phoenix Comicon continues today through Sunday, with enhanced security measures in place to protect both those appearing and attending. Attendees will face additional screening and security, and all weapons including prop and toys have been banned. Good to hear Frank is all for continuing on with the show, as I'm sure many of us might feel differently if put in the same position. Also good on the officers for their quick resolution of the situation, as we can only imagine how things might have gone down had this alleged plan unfolded the way it was intended.

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