Watch Brad Pitt As A Depressing Weatherman In Surprise Comedy Central Appearance

One of the biggest movie stars in the world is none other than Brat Pitt. Even though he's stepped away from making film after film after film, he's still a huge name in showbiz. So, when he does step in front of the camera, most of us probably assume that it's for a distinguished project in which he is the headliner and star. It therefore came as a big surprise when Brad Pitt turned up out of nowhere on Comedy Central's The Jim Jefferies Show as a weatherman with a depressing forecast for the world. Check him out!

The Jim Jefferies Show brought Brad Pitt out in a retro suit and loud tie to make a joke out of Donald Trump's recent decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, which went against the warnings of the scientific community about climate change. The real-life debate hasn't exactly been hilarious, but Jim Jefferies and Brat Pitt's antics are worth a laugh. Pitt has clearly come a long way since he was dismissed by the Cheers casting director as "not funny."

Of course, the idea of the planet having no future isn't exactly the funniest concept, but who doesn't love a dash of gallows humor from a dashing movie star on a basic cable comedy show? At least Brat Pitt is wearing a goofy tie as he points to all the places that would be affected by global warming.

Brat Pitt made his cameo as the depressing weatherman in the series premiere of The Jim Jefferies Show, which is actually a pretty huge deal for Jim Jefferies. Not every comedian with a talk show can brag that they got Brad Pitt to dress up for a last-minute gag in the very first episode. It should be interesting to see if Jefferies has any more celebrities up his sleeve or if he was just going big for the debut. The Jim Jefferies Show scored a 10-episode order from Comedy Central for the first season, which will see him providing commentary on culture and politics as well as traveling around the world.

We still have a number of episodes left in the first season, so we'll have to wait and see. He may not be the network's next Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, but if he manages to attract enough attention early on, Jim Jefferies could be a major part of the lineup. Only time will tell.

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