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Game of Thrones is the place to be on TV when it comes to characters dying in spectacularly gruesome and creative ways. We've had a wide variety of deaths over the six seasons so far, and some have been so gory that it's difficult to imagine the fake blood budget on set. As it turns out, there's one death that was originally slated to be much more gory. Myrcella Baratheon's death via poison could have been way bloodier. Actress Nell Tiger Free revealed how Myrcella was supposed to die, saying this:

Originally what happened is they gave me those mashed up bananas with like blood, fake blood. And my brains were supposed to be all over the ship. . . . I was so excited. I don't like gore but, I knew they were just like bananas, so I was okay with it.

When Myrcella died back in Season 5, she suddenly succumbed to poison on the way home from Dorne after Ellaria Sand's poison took effect. While tragic, her death wasn't all that gory, pretty much consisting of Mycella struggling to breathe as blood dripped out of her nose. Judging by Nell Tiger Free's comments at the recent MCM Comic Con in London, Ellaria's poison was much more potent when the death scene was first planned. Evidently poor Myrcella's brain was going to be so scrambled by the poison that it was going to explode out of her head. Jaime would have had quite a mess on his hands during his journey back to King's Landing from Dorne if his daughter/niece's brains has gone the way of bloody mashed bananas.

Nell Tiger Free went on to explain why the folks behind the scenes at Game of Thrones changed Myrcella's death to a less gory version:

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They cut it out because they wanted Myrcella's death to reflect her life and wanted it to be sweet, which is rare for Thrones. Unlike my husband, who got a spear like straight through his face.

Many characters on Game of Thrones die unjust deaths, but Myrcella especially wouldn't have deserved a huge bloody mess of a death. Her status as the bastard product of incest wasn't her fault, and she was used as a pawn by the powerful people around her. Given that she was quite young (and played by a different actress) in the earlier seasons and then spend her last couple of seasons in Dorne, she was untouched by the ugliness of the War of the Five Kings. It seems that producers decided to honor her quiet life with a relatively subdued death, by Game of Thrones standards.

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