How Long Modern Family Could Last, According To One Star

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Rico Rodriguez recently spoke to Cinemablend's Conner Schwerdtfeger about the DVD and digital release of the animated feature Americano, and also took some time to talk about the long-running and beloved ABC comedy series Modern Family, in which he plays the adulthood-approaching Manny. Rodriguez talked about the the series and how long the show could possibly last. (As well as how he thinks it should end.) Read what he has to say below:

You know, to be honest I don't know. Like I said before, I would love to be on that show...I would love for it to run for as long as we can. I guess as long as we're still making quality shows and convincing storylines to really make a difference in this world, and just having fun while doing it. It's funny, there's really no time limit on family.

That final line really says it all. If the whole cast is willing to keep the thing running, there's no reason Modern Family can't continue to run indefinitely. Granted, with stars like Sarah Hyland jumping into other television projects, it's likely that the show could have a different central cast if it's still airing new episodes even a few years from now.

That's not a huge hurdle for most shows to overcome, as schedules can be worked around and roles can be lessened. But this show's entire hook, title and all, is its ensemble. So if more stars begin to join other shows or start leaving for other reasons, however, then it's more possible the finale could come sooner than later.

Having said that, Modern Family is locked in for at least two more seasons. That extension to 2019 will mark ten years since the series first began, which is a tremendous accomplishment for any series, modern or otherwise. A lot can change in two years in television, especially when half of the cast comprises teenagers and younger folks, and any number of things could result in those being the final two seasons. However, as long as actors like Rico Rodriguez stay committed to their passion for the familial comedy, it'll only increase Modern Family's odds of continuing past that ten-year mark.

If you want to see (or hear, really) Rico Rodriguez in a different kind of role, his new movie Americano is currently available on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand. In the animated adventure, Rico voices a teenage parrot who goes on a journey to help his family while discovering the superhero inside of himself. Those with children at home may want to check out Rodriguez's latest project, as it sounds like an adventure for the whole family!

Modern Family has been confirmed for Season 9 and Season 10, and it will make its return to ABC this fall on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET. While you wait for fall programming to hit in the next couple months, be sure to visit our summer premiere guide and dive into some of the great programming currently airing both new and old. For an idea of shows currently airing and when they are coming to an end, head over to our finale guide.

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