7th Heaven Star Addresses Revival Possibility

7th Heaven Camden Family

It has been over 20 years since 7th Heaven first hit the airwaves, and the legacy of the hit series can still be felt to this day. The family-friendly WB show was one of the network's flagship properties, and its DNA remains evident in a wide variety of dramas that have followed in its footsteps. With such a strong legacy behind it, fans have wondered if it could ever return for a reunion. Former 7th Heaven star Barry Watson (who now stars on Up's Date My Dad) recently opened up about the possibility, and while nothing is confirmed yet, he is open to the idea. Watson explained:

I know there were talks a few years ago about that --- with 'Gilmore Girls' and all these other shows that are doing these reboots, I think that's always going to be something that's discussed. Maybe [creator] Brenda Hampton is doing something right now as we speak --- I'm not aware of it. But I'd be open to doing something. I love all those folks.

While no finalized plan for a 7th Heaven reunion has happened, Barry Watson seems open to returning if something comes up. This makes plenty of sense, as fans and insiders alike have clamored for a revival since it went off the air back in 2007. After all, the iconography of 7th Heaven really cannot be overstated. The show was a hit for the WB during its initial run, and it paved the way for Jessica Biel's eventual silver screen stardom. There's a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the idea of it coming back in some form or another, and even the slightest possibility will get longtime fans very excited.

That said, despite Barry Watson's recent comments to The Wrap, 7th Heaven would have a somewhat harder path to a revival than other shows because the last few years have not exactly been kind to certain members of the cast. Specifically, Stephen Collins -- who portrayed Camden family patriarch Eric Camden -- made headlines when he confessed to child molestation charges three years ago, and this recent development has become a notable black eye on the legacy of the series. This does not inherently prevent a revival from taking place at some point, but it puts up some roadblocks that would make it more difficult in the long run.

Revival television has almost become its own particular genre over the course of the last few years. As the overall TV landscape has become increasingly diversified (particularly with the success of streaming platforms like Netflix), and nostalgia has become increasingly valued by audiences, networks and studios have looked for ways to dig into their catalogs and bring back beloved series. We have already seen this happen with shows like Gilmore Girls and The X-Files, and rumors have swirled for potential revivals of The L Word on Showtime, and even Psych. With all of that taking place, there's a clear path to bring back a show as iconic as 7th Heaven.

We will bring you more information about a possible 7th Heaven reunion as new details become available. For now, you can catch Barry Watson on Date My Dad every Friday night at 9 p.m. EST on Up. Beyond that, make sure to take a look at our summer TV premiere guide for more detailed information on the most highly anticipated small screen debuts of the next few months!

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