Stephen Collins, The Dad From 7th Heaven, Allegedly Admitted To Molesting Children

Stephen Collins, best known for playing the father/ pastor on 7th Heaven, is being investigated for child molestation, and he may have actually admitted to the charge on tape. A recording, allegedly made by his soon-to-be ex-wife, is now circulating in which he seems to admit he exposed himself to several underage girls between 10 and 13 and even grabbed one of their hands and put it on his penis.

The supposed confession ran early this morning on TMZ. It was allegedly made during a therapy session back in 2012. It seems Stephen Collins’ wife was written by a sister of one of the alleged victims. She confronted her husband, and he allegedly made a long drawn out lists of all the things he did. She then allegedly brought a recording device into the therapy session and secretly taped him talking very specifically about exposing himself to a young relative of his first wife, another young girl who lived in their LA neighborhood and a third girl.

At least one of the victims allegedly reported the crime back in 2012 and an investigation is currently ongoing, with at least those three victims and perhaps more being investigated. It’s unclear whether any of the alleged incidents ever went past brief touching, but regardless, the whole thing is awful on a lot of levels.

In addition to his work on 7th Heaven, Stephen Collins recently played a big role on Revolution. He was also in Blood Diamond and a string of other famous movies. He currently holds a leadership position with the Screen Actors Guild, though given how many child members are in SAG, there’s a good chance that position will go away if he’s convicted of any crimes here.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Mack Rawden
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