How Deaths On Preacher Will Go Down In Season 2

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Anyone who thought Preacher would get less violent as the show heads into its Season 2 premiere tomorrow thought wrong. Dominic Cooper shares some details with fans on how deaths in the show will go down in the quote below:

The way that people die in Preacher --- it's not just sort of boring, conventional ways people would die normally in a show. It's quite creative, and my character particularly finds interesting ways to deal with people with his various weapons and his bare hands.

Dominic Cooper adds to TV Guide that he had to learn a lot more choreography for fight scenes compared to Season 1, so Season 2 should really be action packed as Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy go on a road trip to find God. The gore will make its return in full force as Cooper teases "lots of intestines," will be seen in the upcoming season. Season 1 had quite a few stomach-churning moments in terms of violence, so if Season 2 somehow manages to top that, it will be impressive.

For those that may not remember the bar set by Season 1, the violence was truly something to behold. Arms were snapped, throats slit, heads were shot, people exploded, limbs were chainsawed, and blood was EVERYWHERE. Some of Preacher's least gory kills, at times, rival some of The Walking Dead's worst, and that's saying something. Hopefully, any fans with weak stomachs will be able to muster through the mayhem for what should be a great continuation to one of last year's top shows.

Let's also hope none of that carnage reaches actress Julie Ann Emery, who joins Season 2 of Preacher as Featherstone. Emery already gave Better Call Saul fans a scare when Kim Wexler ran off the road into a large rock after falling asleep at the wheel, so hopefully that moment was the worst fans will see a character of her's encounter this year. Given that everyone seems to take their lumps in this show sooner or later, that doesn't seem too likely.

Fans of Preacher are in for a treat as the premiere of Season 2 is a two-night event beginning on Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on AMC. The second episode will air earlier the next day with the action kicking off at 9 p.m. ET again on AMC. Preacher isn't the only show on television making its debut as this summer is packed with new and returning shows that fans should be watching if they aren't already. Those wishing to get in the loop can visit our summer premiere guide to find times for these shows and where they can find them. Those looking to just get excited for Preacher need to watch that amazing Season 2 trailer again right here.

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