True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Just Landed His First Big TV Job Since The Finale

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Ryan Kwanten's TV career has taken a brief siesta following his time as Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, but now he's got something sweet coming down the pipeline. In his first big TV job since the finale of the HBO series, Kwanten is jumping into 50 Cent's Crackle drama The Oath. Here's what we know so far about Kwanten's new role, and what he'll be doing in the series.

In addition to joining The Oath as a producer, Ryan Kwanten steps into the series in the role of Steve Hammond. Steve is the son of Tom Hammond (Sean Bean) and leader of The Ravens, a tight-knit gang of cops who do whatever it takes to uphold the law, even if that means breaking it. Steve's loyalty lies within his gang and family, which will undoubtedly cause issues. His father's story revolves around seeking vengeance among those in the gang who have sold him out to the FBI and put him in prison. That must make for some awkward family gatherings. Jokes aside, one has to wonder whether Steve's role as leader of The Ravens will aid or complicate his father's lust for revenge.

If the concept of cops having private gangs and cut-throat politics sounds a little far-fetched, keep in mind The Oath is created by an L.A. Sheriffs deputy. Joe Halpin's story promises to use Ryan Kwanten and crew to tell an "unforgiving" story that looks into this subculture, and the lives of those who are sworn to do good, but skate the law for various reasons. It certainly sounds different than most shows involving cops, which might be what interested Crackle in the first place as it looks to even up the odds against competition.

As of now, The Oath is only a 10 episode commitment for Ryan Kwanten, who has a couple other smaller film projects on the docket in the coming months. Kwanten has stayed busy in the past couple years with small roles and voice acting, even providing the voice for Brewster in Jake And The Neverland Pirates. Jumping in with the likes of Sean Bean, who hopefully doesn't die in this role, will give Kwanten a chance to scratch that dramatic itch he hasn't worked with much since the finale of True Blood.

The Oath has a tentative release date of 2018 on Crackle, so True Blood fans will have to wait a handful of months before they see Ryan Kwanten back at it on the small screen. For those looking to kill some time with more television, CinemaBlend has a comprehensive list of all shows premiering and returning during the summer season that are can't miss. Visit our summer premiere guide to find those shows, and fans of Kwanten be sure to read what former co-star Alexander Skarsgard had to say about his kissing abilities.

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