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If anyone needs to be expecting the unexpected at this point, it's the Big Brother producers. Following the unexpected exit of a houseguest last week, an injury may seriously impact the game-fate of another houseguest.

This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. We'll put a separate spoiler warning later on when we get to the game-related spoilers, so if you're only looking to learn who was injured and what happened, stop reading after the crutches photo!

Christmas fall big brother 19

Christmas hurt herself this morning. The feeds were on fish when the actual injury occurred, but when they came back on, we saw Christmas (above), laying on the ground, and a worried Jason hovering over her. From what was said later, it sounds like she was piggyback-riding him around the backyard, and they fell. She hurt her foot pretty badly.

At the time, she seemed sure it was broken, but later said it's torn ligaments and maybe a fracture. They're not sure the extent of the situation yet. Hours after she was brought into the diary room, Christmas returned to the feeds on crutches. She told the houseguests she was given painkillers, and has to have an MRI, but that won't happen until Wednesday, after the July 4th holiday. In the meantime, she has to keep it iced and elevated. She also seems determined not to quit the game, so hopefully this injury is not serious and she's able to continue playing.

Christmas crutches

Ok, here's that second spoiler warning we told you about! If you don't want to know who won the Veto, whether or not they used it, and what happened afterwards, read no further!

It just so happens that Christmas is currently nominated for eviction. As we recapped yesterday, Alex won the Veto and used it to save herself. Cody tried to nominate Paul in her place, but Paul's safety pendant was revealed. Paul can not be nominated, so Cody had to choose someone else. He chose Christmas.

It was an odd and surprising nomination to most of the houseguests, including those who've been working with Cody. Paul and Christmas seemed to be on the inside of that group, but Cody felt otherwise. The nomination caused a lot of ruffled feathers, as some of the people he's working with -- Elena, Mark and possibly Raven and Matt -- aren't keen on the idea of voting Christmas out.

Of course, all of that played out before Christmas injured herself, so who knows how this situation will impact the voting and her ability to compete, assuming she's able to stay in the house.

We'll have to wait and see how this all plays out. In the meantime, Christmas came back into the house in good spirits, and again, seems determined to stay in the game, injured or not. Which is awesome. Hopefully the injury isn't serious, and Christmas makes a speedy recovery!

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