Discovery's Shark Week Just Got Hacked In The Most Adorable Way

Summer has come yet again, and that means one thing: Shark Week is on the way. Every year, Discovery dedicates a week to the many sharks of the oceans of the world, and an awful lot of people tune in to the action. Apparently, however, not all people are happy about the week, and the Shark Week Twitter account was recently hacked by some non-fans. Members of an anti-shark protest group are evidently responsible for the hack, and they plan on running a week of their own in Shark Week's place. Check out the trailer for Seal Week:

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The seals of the world have been victimized by the Shark Week specials for years. Every summer, viewers watch seals being mercilessly chomped by sharks all over the world, and it seems that the anti-shark protest group has had enough of seals dying on the small screen for a week out of every year. The Seal Week lineup seems to be comprised of specials that are quite similar to Shark Week specials, including Return to Isle of Seals, Devil Seals, and Great Seal Invasion. Take that, sharks!

As it turns out, humans aren't the only ones who are sick and tired of all the sharks killing seals on Shark Week. The seals themselves have come out in protest, as shown in yet another video from the Shark Week Twitter page. The barks can only be understood by those who speak seal, but we don't need to know the exact words to know that the poor things are fed up with being shark food.

Of course, even the hackers who took over the page seem to acknowledge that Shark Week will probably still air on Discovery as originally intended, seal protests aside. Perhaps knowing that they can't stop Phelps vs. Shark from making it to the airwaves, they've shown that they're definitely rooting for the Olympian in the matchup. All things considered, the prevailing feeling seems to be "BOOO SHARK." Well said, seals. Well said.

A big question might be what finally pushed the seals and their advocates to rise up and act out against their shark oppressors, but we really don't have to wonder too much. Discovery aired a Shark Week promo that took direct jabs at the seal population of the planet, and it's not hard to understand why it was one step too far. Prepare yourself for something truly despicable, and take a look!

How dare you, Shark Week? Must you rub their adorable little noses in what is happening to their species at the jaws of these sharks? Even the singer Seal is the butt of jokes to make the sharks look good. Will the disrespect to seals never stop? Will the hack be enough to wake Discovery up to the emotional impact Shark Week is having on seals everywhere? Only time will tell.

Neither seals nor seal advocates have yet announced when Seal Week will take place, but you can catch Shark Week on Discovery starting on Sunday, July 23 at 8 p.m. ET. Swing by our summer TV guide for all your non-shark and non-seal viewing options.

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