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Big Brother's last episode ended on a Head of Household cliffhanger. We have the results of the competition, as well as who was nominated, and who won the Veto. If you don't want any of that information ahead of the episodes, read no further!

Let's proceed with the live feed spoilers!

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As we reported last week, Paul won the Candy Crush Head of Household competition. He certainly didn't need to, given that he's got the Pendant of Protection to keep him safe for the next couple of weeks. But he apparently felt like he needed a bit more power within the game.

Prior to last week's live show, Paul had been talking up a big secret plan he was concocting, should he manage to win Head of Household. That may have been to nominate Matt and Raven, and backdoor Cody. He apparently floated that idea around after his win, but eventually settled on nominating Alex and Josh as pawns, with a plan to backdoor Cody.

With Cody being such an obvious target, a backdoor approach seems a bit unnecessary, but with so many people in the house, his odds of getting picked for Veto are almost as slim as they can be if he's not one of the original nominees for eviction.

Due to Paul's temptation, Ramses was cursed to have to nominate himself as a third nominee at some point during the next few weeks. He chose this week, so he's on the block with Alex and Josh.

Paul won the Power of Veto. Again, it's power he doesn't need, and if he was aiming to draw as much attention on himself as possible as a target, he's doing a good job. Between that and going after arguably the biggest target in the house, it's hard to see this as veteran-level game play. Then again, maybe it'll all work out for him, in which case we'll commend him for taking control of the game so early. Time will tell.

The Veto has not been used yet, but if all goes according to plan, it looks like Paul will use it to take one of the nominees (it was supposed to be Alex, but it may end up being Josh now) off the block and nominate Cody.

If that happens, we might assume Cody's as good as gone. Of course, it's entirely possible that the house will see Cody as such a big target, that they might decide to keep him in the game and take out Ramses or Alex/Josh.

America voted for Christmas to get the Ring of Replacement. Given her injury, it's not really the best power for her, as it gives her the ability to play in any Veto competition during the season, taking the place of another player. On the bright side, this power could be useful in trying to keep a backdoor target from getting to play in the Veto, should that situation arise.

The repercussion of Christmas taking this "temptation" is that three houseguests were turned into frogs. I've been a bit over the costume punishments since Big Brother started getting fancy with the unitards. Still, it's kind of funny seeing super-serious Cody as a frog.

Back to Paul, as I want to continue rooting for him, I really hope he walks away from this Head of Household week and and promptly fades into the background. Let the newbies play the game for a bit and be everyone's BFFriendship for a while. I don't see it happening, but it would be his best move, especially given he'll have a bit more Protection from the block to ride out.

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