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The Flash Season 4 Is Bringing Back A Villain We Haven't Seen Since Season 1

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News regarding The Flash Season 4 has been surprising, and this latest update is no exception. Word is the series will be bringing back a villain we haven't seen since Season 1 for another potentially fatal game of hide and seek. That's right, actress Britne Oldford will be seen again in Central City as Shawna "Peek-a-Boo" Baez, and she'll likely be causing problems for Team Flash with her powers of teleportation.

The first time The Flash introduced Peek-a-Boo was in Season 1 Episode 12, titled "Crazy For You." After Barry successfully halted her powers of teleportation by taking out all the lights in the area they were fighting in, Shawna Baez was imprisoned within the power-muting pipeline with all the other villains. As EW reminds us, Baez was freed in Episode 22 when Leonard Snart and Lisa Snart attacked the truck hauling the meta-villains away from S.T.A.R. Labs to another facility. It's unclear what Baez has been up to in the two seasons and change since we last saw her, but something big is obviously bringing her back.

With both Danielle Panabaker and her character saying specifically "Caitlin Snow" was out of The Flash's central team beyond Season 3's finale, it's also unclear what is going to draw back Peek-a-Boo to Central City. Ultimately, Baez blamed Caitlin for her capture, and attempted to kill her when Baez first escaped her cell in the pipeline. Baez was then knocked out by Iris and put back in her cell (prior to the later transport escape), so maybe she's coming back with an ax to grind against Iris? It could also be that word spread that The Flash is gone, with every villain crawling out of the woodwork to take full advantage of his absence. Baez could also be returning to help her criminal boyfriend Clay Parker, who abandoned her when her battle with Barry went south.

Peek-a-Boo has had adventures outside of the traditional storyline in The Flash, as she was briefly highlighted in the official web series The Chronicles Of Cisco. Peek-a-Boo battled a pre-meta Cisco in a dream and shot him, although it didn't exactly work, as Cisco inadvertently invented a bulletproof material using orange soda. Naturally! Cisco awoke from the nightmare and found a bullet on the ground which made him question whether the whole exchange was really a dream, which would definitely be an interesting twist to her character should The Flash team address that. It's highly doubtful, but still worth noting all the same, especially if she shows up in someone else's subconscious.

While Britne Oldford hasn't been battling superheroes recently, she has been busy with two other TV shows. One is the Syfy crime drama Hunters, and the other is the Hulu cult-ish drama The Path, and she was also in the feature AWOL.

The Flash returns to The CW for Season 4 on Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 8 p.m. ET. Speculation has been running high on exactly what happens to Barry Allen upon entering the speed force thanks to the premiere title card reveal, and actor Keiynan Lonsdale beating around the bush about whether he's the new Flash. Read more on that, or about how long Barry has been in the speed force when we rejoin the show this fall. For all information related to summer programming, visit our summer premiere guide.

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