We don't know much regarding Season 4 of The Flash, but we do know Barry Allen is on his way into the Speed Force. As for what happens after, we've compiled a few guesses as to how The Flash handles Barry during his time inside. Take a look at our best guesses for where this new experience takes Barry in Season 4:

Barry Stays Inside The Speed Force For A Long Time

Barry enters the Speed Force, and while he seems to be gone for only a day and a half, the whole thing unravels like a Clive Barker novel when Barry realizes he's been gone for YEARS. The new baddie is well established in Central City, Team Flash is fighting a losing battle but still around, and Barry Allen has a hill to climb before he can even begin to dismantle this chaos.

It would be fresh for The Flash to begin with the villain already out in the open for Season 4, but you'd have to wonder exactly what Barry could do that three decently trained speedsters (assuming Jay and Jesse are around to help Wally) couldn't. Of course, the show wouldn't be named after him if he wasn't the best, so it's possible this is how Season 4 rockets off.

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