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This Jersey Shore Burger King Reunion Video Is So Weird But We Can't Look Away

Dodge the grenades and get ready for some GTL, because the Jersey Shore Crew is back for a reunion video that goes down in a Burger King of all places. It's so weird, but at the same time we can't look away. Watch the MTV reality icons chow down on some chicken parm "sangwiches," in the video below:

There's so much about this video that doesn't work unless you have the cast of Jersey Shore doing it. Like, at one point The Situation is bicep curling two chicken parms and that might be the least weird thing going on. Furthermore, it appears some of the crew doesn't seem that willing to spend the calories on indulging in a full sandwich. Not that any commercial features someone eating an entire sandwich, but when Snooki has to be forced to take a bite on camera, it really calls some attention to it. Then again, Burger King got a lot of people to look at their YouTube Channel today, so whoever is in charge of its marketing did their job.

It's truly amazing how much the Jersey Shore crew has changed. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is trying to be a dad, Vinnie has a very thin beard, Deena is getting married, Snooki and JWoww are moms, and Pauly D is still rocking that dream of being a DJ alive. On the flip side, some things never change and Sammi appears to be the exact same person she was when the show stopped, minus her ex-lover and fan favorite, Ronnie. It's unfortunate Burger King couldn't lock him down for this video, but perhaps for the best considering his hot head status. Maybe he's finally gotten tired of people shouting their favorite quotes from the show at him?

With another reunion on the way, it'll be interesting to see whether or not Ronnie is in tow when the Jersey Shore crew comes back to MTV sometime in the near future. It'll also be interesting to see how the cast stays out of trouble in the reunion as the crew seems to fall right back into old habits after a short time spent together in a Burger King. In the past, those wild nights led to some infidelity, fights, and Snooki getting knocked out cold in a bar.

We'll have more information regarding the MTV reunion of Jersey Shore once the network decides to officially announce the news. Until then, fans of the show can immerse themselves back into the world by reading about what Snooki misses most about the series or about The Situation's path to sobriety. Unfortunately, we don't have any tutorials for how folks can manage to get that slick blowout Pauly D is still rocking in 2017, but we do have a guide that can serve as television lovers gateway to all the great shows of the summer! Be sure to check out all the shows new and returning via our summer premiere guide.

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