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krypton syfy

Syfy is bringing an exciting and largely unexplored chapter of Superman's history to the small screen. While the Man of Steel won't be flying around faster than a speeding bullet, viewers will get to see the origin story of his home planet that ultimately led to his arrival on Earth. Krypton will be a prequel, so there was no saying if we would get any big heroes of DC fame. After all, most of the heavy hitters are in a timeline featuring Superman, not Superman's grandfather. Now, Krypton executive producer Cameron Welsh has revealed at a San Diego Comic-Con press roundtable that we will actually get to see a whole bunch of DC characters, saying this:

We have quite a few DC characters, and characters that you wouldn't normally associate, I guess. When you think about Krypton, you probably wouldn't associate some of these characters, but because of that idea of time travel, it just opens it up. It opens up all the possibilities where anything can happen and anyone can sort of be involved. So there's a lot of, I think, characters that people are going to get really excited about that we'll see throughout the series.

Apparently Krypton's status as a prequel won't stop the folks behind the scenes from bringing in DC characters who wouldn't necessarily exist at the same time as before the destruction of the planet Krypton. Using time travel, the show will be able to explore what happened that the Man of Steel ended up saving the day on Earth rather than living with his family on Krypton. Cameron Welsh didn't go into detail on which characters would appear, but DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns was a little more open.

At the Krypton panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Geoff Johns dropped some very big DC Comics names that will turn up on the new show, saying this:

You guys saw obviously that's Brainiac. Doomsday will be in the show... In the pilot, and I'm spoiling things. 'I'm from a planet called Earth. My name is Adam Strange.' We will bring in others. Booster Gold. I never say never. Hawkwoman is also there, and as the show progresses, we'll bring in more.... Obviously, you see Black Mercy in the pilot. You'll see a lot of DC characters in this.

If you thought that Krypton was only going to incorporate C-list heroes and villains who few have ever heard of, you were very wrong. On the heroes side, we'll get Booster Good and Hawkwoman and Adam Strange. We'll get the decidedly creepy Black Mercy, which never fails to mess with good guys whenever incorporated into a DC adaptation. On the villain side, we're getting legendary bad guys like Brainiac and Doomsday. Geoff Johns even went on in the panel to reveal that General Zod himself will appear on the show.

The big question now is how Krypton will find the perfect way to bring these Superman-era heroes and villains two centuries into the past to interact with his ancestors. Time travel has never been an alien concept to DC Comics, and some of these characters that have already been revealed are likely more than capable of figuring out how to do it. Time travel is a tricky concept that some shows handle better than others; we can only hope that Krypton turns out to be as amazing a show as it seems at this point. The early footage certainly looks promising.

Krypton will debut on Syfy in 2018. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in San Diego Comic-Con developments, and check out our summer TV premiere guide.