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Krypton's First Trailer Teases Action And Superman's Home Planet

The first footage for Syfy's Krypton has hit the web, and it teases action and a good look at the futuristic Krypton prior to its destruction. Take a look at the trailer and continue on below:

That short look at the House Of El symbol surely sent chills down the spines of many Superman fans, even if he isn't going to be involved. Of course, it would make little sense if he was, as Krypton is set to take place long before the planet's destruction and feature his biological grandfather Seg-El and his quest to redeem the name of the House of El in the social hierarchy. Judging from the fight scene, portal explosion, and spaceship, it looks like it's going to be an effort a bit more intense than simply attending dinner parties and shaking hands.

As the trailer teases, Krypton will be a new chance for fans to "discover the lineage," of one of DC's greatest heroes. We only get a few quick glimpses of Cameron Cuffe, who is taking lead as Seg-El in the series. That's fine for now, because we got enough to look at of Krypton to see the impressive futuristic style that looks better than the usual Syfy fare. Hopefully, all the visual bells in whistles in this trailer represent the type of quality that will be present throughout the entire series and not just the pilot.

With David S. Goyer writing the pilot and executive producing the series, fans of Man Of Steel and The Dark Knight Trilogy will hopefully take a liking to Krypton. The fact that the series seems to adopt a darker tone closer to the cinematic universe as opposed to Supergirl and the brighter Arrow-verse of The CW is a nice change of pace. That probably means there isn't going to be a crossover event between the shows, but considering the time gap between them, that never seemed like a possibility to begin with. Still, it would be cool to see if the two shows could work out some sort of subtle way to reference each other, considering it's not every day two Superman related shows are on television at the same time.

Unfortunately, those excited about the Krypton footage they're seeing now will have to wait until 2018 for the start of the series. For fans of Supergirl, that's likely fine considering the series returns in October with the promise of more struggle than ever in the form of Reign. DC fans can check out the full fall lineup for their favorite shows on The CW right here, as well as read up on how this coming season might be the darkest season each show in the Arrow-verse has seen to date. For more information regarding shows happening right now that are new or returning, feel free to hop on over to our summer premiere guide.

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