Krypton First Look Is A Dark Take On Superman's Family History

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Superheroes are all the rage nowadays, and networks large and small alike have gotten in the game. Syfy has had a project in the works for a while that would take viewers to Superman's home world of Krypton, generations before it would be destroyed and send young Kal-El to Earth. We've been waiting a couple of years now for footage of Krypton, and it was beginning to feel like the pilot would never see the light of day. A trailer for Krypton briefly hit the web. We got a look, and it hints at a super dark take on Superman's family.

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All things considered, I think it's safe to say that Krypton won't be set in the same universe as Supergirl, because the Syfy series looks pretty dark. The special effects are actually pretty great, if somewhat grim. Compared to the campy original movies Syfy is somewhat known for, Krypton looks like a visual masterpiece, and certainly worth checking out. The first hint that this version of Krypton was going to be an unfortunate planet came with the image of a city existing beneath a dome, protected from what the inhabitants had turned the landscape into over the years.

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It's clear pretty quickly that a lot of the conflict of Krypton is going to be political as much as action-packed. The pilot will center on Superman's grandfather, Seg-El, as he struggles to redeem the name of the House of El after it has been falsely shamed. Krypton is dying, the people are fighting, and the politics are failing to fix anything. I don't want to say it looks like a bunch of Kryptonians are making an older man walk the plank off of a skyscraper, but it really kind of looks like a bunch of Kryptonians are making a man walk the plank:

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Personally, I'm quite curious about the image of Seg-El seemingly gazing at a domed city miniaturized and contained in what looks an awful lot like a dungeon. The miniaturized city could point to Brainiac or a member of Braniac's line playing a part in the conflict on Krypton. We only see the mini city for a few moments, but given the shock on Seg-El's face, I'd say that it's not something that most Kryptonians keep in their basements.

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All things considered, there's not too much connecting Krypton to Superman... except, of course, for the iconic red and blue "S" that has become arguably the most recognizable symbol in superhero history. It would be an uplifting shot, if not for the fact that the red comes from the blood of Seg-El. That said, at least nobody is seen snapping anybody's neck. That's something, at least. So what if folks from the House of El need to bleed on a key to get into the Fortress of Solitude? It could be worse.

krypton syfy superman sigil

The trailer indicates that Krypton will hit the airwaves later in 2017, but Syfy has not announced an official date. In fact, the trailer itself wasn't released by the network, but rather was leaked online. We'll have to wait and see if Syfy makes an announcement about the series' future now that footage has made it to viewers.

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